Work Tips: How to Resign Properly from Your Job

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

Your Polite and Friendly Employee

Resigning from your job is not something that can be taken lightly, so make sure you prepare accordingly. Of course, one of the many reasons a resignation can be so hard to do… is how complicated it can get. One wrong move can make your last days in the company miserable, with all the odd looks given by your soon to be ex-coworkers. Don’t worry, that’s why you’re reading this article, right? We will give you the best tips to quit your job peacefully without any trouble! Start reading below…

Tips to Resign from Your Job Peacefully:

Stay Calm

First, a question. Why do you want to quit your job? Plenty of people have a bitter reason to leave, like having a bad boss, a toxic work environment, company politics, the job’s culture, and so on. Still, no matter how much you feel wronged, do not lash out. Don’t be angry or sad, especially when you meet the HR to hand in your resignation letter. Stay positive and smile, so you can leave in a good note.

Don’t Tell Anybody (Except Your Manager)

Having to resign is a big deal for us employees, but other than your manager, don’t tell anyone just yet. You need to prepare a resignation letter, searching for a new job, and maybe meeting a Headhunter. All of those steps can take a while, so wait until everything is finished before telling others. Unruly gossips can form and spread like wildfire instantly, so keep your resignation a secret until the time is right.

Finish Everything First

Before writing your resignation letter, finish all of your remaining work. You may also create a transition plan with detailed advice so your replacement can continue the job easier. As mentioned before, it can take a long while to do all this, so make sure not to leave anything unfinished.

Prepare Your Story

The HR people will ask you the reason for quitting. Make sure not to divulge any negative reasons like a bad boss or toxic work environment, but don’t lie either. Use another believable reason but also not necessarily a lie, so they will accept your resignation positively. It’s important to prepare this story beforehand and avoid stumbling.

Write a Resignation Letter

Once everything else is done, write your resignation letter. Include the reason why you quit like mentioned before, using a formal language.

Do a Job Search

In our previous article, we mentioned that it’s okay to quit your job ahead before landing a new job. Still, it won’t hurt to prepare for recruitment. Before handing the finished resignation letter to HR, start looking for a new job. As you do more job search as your resignation date draws near, your job application will be accepted soon after leaving.

Express Your Gratitude

No matter how badly you were treated, say thanks and be grateful for your time at the company. Smile to your boss and colleagues and leave on a high note, so your new job recruitment will be smoother!

And those were our tips to resign from your job without making a fuss. You still have a long career path ahead, so be careful not to make enemies. If you’re having trouble finding a new job, we can help! Send your CV and resume to us and we’ll help you forge an excellent career! See you in the next article!


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