Why We Need to Use A Headhunter Service?

Updated: Sep 25, 2018

Are you a Hiring Manager who sees a Headhunter service as a great expense for the company instead of Return On Investment? This article will explain why a Headhunter service will be more cost effective in the long run.

1. Save time and effort

Filling a job vacant sometimes can take a lot of time and effort, especially when the number of turnover is increasing. A Headhunter service will help you to streamline all of the recruitment process to save effort and we can use our network to leverage the process, so you will get the shortlisted candidates sooner.

2. Save cost

The cost of using a Headhunter service maybe seem high, but compared to the cost of turnover and repeating the recruitment process in months (or in some cases, years) for Managerial or revenue-generating positions in case of bad hire, it will cost the employer more than a cost of hiring a professional Headhunter.

3. Uncover a hidden talent

A Headhunter is not just a usual professional recruiter, they have boarden their network to some of specific industry. This will make the recruitment process easier by uncovering a hidden talent in some of specific industry.

4. Hire a top talent to have advantage over your competitors

As you hire the best top talent in its industry, the chance of your competitors for winning are decreasing. This might give you a chance to have an advantage over your competitors and lead the market share.

5. Lower risk of a bad hire

Hiring the right talent can bring the employer much profitable long term impact for their business, meanwhile hiring the wrong talent can bring much disaster for the employer. The effect will be more visible when we are recruiting for a Managerial or revenue-generating positions. A Headhunter will provide you a shortlisted of good quality candidates as requested.

6. The employer needs to hire a talent with rare skills

In some of cases, some employer are looking a talent not based on their working experiences, but based on skill set they have. Some of them are rare and some of them only can be found oversea. It is like searching for needle in haystack. Only a Headhunter with broad network and powerful search tools that might help you with this kind of request.

7. Confidential recruitment: You want to hire a manager who are still in position

The employer has assessed the Manager who are still in position and find him/ her underperform. The employer does not want the internal team to know this issue and need an external party to execute the recruitment process. Therefore, a Headhunter service is needed to help the employer to find a suitable talent for this position. ​ By Kessler Executive Search

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