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The personalities of all people in this world, certainly differ from one another. This personality difference is certainly caused by several factors such as parental education, peers, teacher training, or even the culture of that person.

Now because of each person's personality is different, in the end we will meet many people with various traits. You will meet people who are quiet, assertive, and up to people who are very active in talking, so that it sounds like that they speak out a little too much.

Lots of theories of human personality developed, one of which is the DISC Personality Theory. This personality test was developed by a doctor named Dr. William Moulton Marston, a psychologist from America. The DISC test is divided into four personalities namely Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, and Conscientiousness. These four personalities have different characteristics and traits, too. Let's check it out this following explanation:

1. Dominance Personality Dominance types include people who have hard personalities such as being outspoken, impatient, irritable, confident, and the nature of this person is goal oriented. People with this type are also usually active and dynamic, productive, and hardworking. Someone who has a Dominance personality is also very active and not afraid of conflict. Well because of this, eventually the person becomes someone who is the fastest in solving problems. In organizational or group work situations, usually people who have this personality also prefer to being in control rather than being driven by others. Usually he is always appointed as chairman or leader in an organization or an event. 2. Influence Personality Influence type usually includes someone who prioritizes relationships with others (people oriented). This characteristics is depicted by cheerful, easy going, easy to laugh out loud, and likes to talk whatever is usually accompanied by the hands and body that move while talking. Someone who has an influential personality is usually an extrovert who is also a person who likes to hang out a lot with other people, expressive, spontaneous, and likes to entertain. Someone with this type is usually very easy to express emotions from their hearts.

3. Steadiness Personality Steadiness types include people who are calm, organized, and look relaxed in life. The type of Steadiness is contrary to the type of Dominance and Influence, this type does not like to talk much, more towards the introvert. This type is also a person who has a type who likes peace and prefers to avoid conflict and is often also used as inspiration for those around him because he is a good listener and someone who is full of consistency in carrying out his duties. 4. Compliance Personality Compliance type includes someone who is very thorough, and very happy with high precision and accuracy, very organized and coordinated. Other characteristics are being able to think analytically, carefully, have principles, be very careful in speaking, and obey the rules. In addition, this type has a perfectionist nature and is always fixated with facts and evidence, because in this case this type becomes someone who likes order and clarity.

What personality that you think you have ?

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