Top 10 Signs of a Company with Toxic Work Culture

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

It will get worse, trust me.

Working in a company always has a risk of experiencing a toxic work culture. Once you landed yourself in a job position inside a toxic company, it will be hellish to get away from. Worse, after meeting that one toxic worker or toxic boss, your career path will never be the same again. Sadly, no matter how much you research a company during a job search, there’s always a chance to get a toxic one. Eventually, the toxic work environment will be too much, and you’ll visit the HR to resign.

This bad cycle of blind work application needs to stop! We will give you 10 helpful tips to discern between a good and toxic company, so you work healthily without too much stress. See below:

Top 10 Signs of a Toxic Company with Toxic Work Culture

1. Bad Boss

A Boss is the face of a company (not to be confused with a poster girl, ok?), so one look at him will give you a general impression of the company’s work culture. See how the Boss interacts with the employees: does he raise his voice often? Always have a scowl on his face? Scold his staff in public? Ignore comments and suggestions from co-workers?

If the Boss shows any of those signs, it means he’s a bad and toxic boss. A toxic boss makes a toxic work culture, which makes a toxic work environment, and in turn, makes a toxic company.

2. Meaningless Company’s Values

Let’s say this company has a slogan: ‘hard work is the best’. Yet, the boss only promotes his close friends. If the company values are easily ignored even by the upper staff, it’s a toxic company.

3. Unprofessional Coworker

There is a toxic employee who ignored rules and barely does his job? It’s a toxic company!

4. Meddling Managers

The manager or boss is always getting in the employee’s case, slipping in subtle threats to not go defy them. This kind of intimidation will only create a hostile work environment.

5. No Work-Life Balance

Working overtime is a choice; you do it because you’re late or made mistakes. But when a company gives so much work that the employees have to do overtime every day just to finish them, it’s a toxic company.

6. Unbalanced Job Description and Salary

Similar to the above, but worse. You are given a pile of work, but you can handle it. So it’s fine, right? Not if you’re being paid so little after spending such a high amount of time and energy.

7. Gossips

Hearsays and vague facts can turn into harmful gossips. Maybe your co-workers, manager, and even the janitor are talking nasty behind your back! When this happens, it’s very hard to diffuse the situation and restore your reputation.

8. Office Politics

Sadly, a company is a breeding ground for work politics. Your fellow employee may be taking the credit for your job, a manager may pick favorites, there will be ‘factions’ hungry for power, and more.

You’ll be right in the middle of it, an easy target for backstabbing and manipulations. Why are you still working there, again?

9. No Freedom of Speech

What the upper management says goes; any other ideas are rejected.

10. High Turnover Rate

If you see many new faces in the company each month, yet none of the old, better stay away.

Those are our top 10 signs of a toxic company! If you’re having a hard time with HR and recruitment, just use our service! Drop your CV and Resume here so we can help you find a new career path! Make sure to resign or stay away from any toxic work environment!


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