Top 10 Qualities a Company’s HR Manager look for in a Job Candidate

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

Asking the REAL questions.

An HR Manager for each company works hard to find the right job candidate for the company. It’s all about finding a good employee to hire through reading the job application and then inviting him or her via a job interview. Of course, the reality is not that simple. One mishap in scouting a talent may let the HR division to come under fire by the management, as everything costs time and money. This is why when you’re sending out your job application as an applicant, the qualifications are often high. And when you’re due for a job interview, the HR manager (or managers) stares at you like a hawk! Scary…

Rest assured, the HR manager has no ill intent towards you (no matter how harsh their glare feels) and simply want to ensure that you’re the best fit for their company. Whenever you’re using a headhunter service or doing a solo job search, make sure you’re prepared to impress the HR! The best method is to know exactly what qualities they’re looking for in a job candidate, which we’ll share right below:

1. Healthy

Of course, no company wants to hire a job candidate who’s wheezing 3 times per minute. If you’re feeling unwell, make sure to try to re-schedule the job interview until you recover.

2. Organized

Once you entered the room for a job interview, the HR manager (or managers) will see your appearance. You will get positive points if your hair is combed neatly, your suit is clean, your shoes are polished, and so on. If you can’t look presentable in an interview, chances are you’ll do worse on the job.

3. Brave

Answer any questions asked by HR. We know you’re nervous, but try to at least hide it.

4. Patience

Don’t rush, stay composed even when the job interview drag on and the HR asks you some uncomfortable questions. The ability to take pressure is valued highly by any company.

5. Trustworthy

Your ability to keep secrets and being honest is important. No one wants to hire a blabbermouth or a liar.

6. Ambitious

A company shouldn’t stay cozy in one place; they need to grow and aim higher. If you’re a good employee, you should do the same.

7. Team Player

No matter how godly your skills are, you can’t work alone. If you can cooperate with the other employees, the HR manager will praise you during the job interview.

8. Adaptability

One of the most common things a company and HR manager hate to do is guiding a new employee (you) by the hand. If you can adapt quickly to the company’s policy and work style, they will appreciate it.

9. Multi-Tasking

No company would be lacking work to do, so you must be able to do several jobs at once. While maybe you can’t do it at the same time, make sure to finish them all before the deadline.

10. Positive Attitude

Now, one last thing an HR manager wants to see is a smile! No matter how good you are at work if you frown constantly it will bring negative effects on the company. Smile~

Those were our list on top 10 qualities the HR look in a job candidate like you! If you need more tips for a job interview or help with a job search, contact us! Drop your CV and resume here so we can help you to find a new career path! Stay positive!


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