Top 10 Factors that Affect Job Satisfaction According to HR

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Job satisfaction or employee happiness is something you rarely find anymore among the many working companies today. While guaranteeing employee happiness is a part of the job description for the boss, many of those bosses didn’t get the memo, either voluntarily or not. HR is also a part of this ensuring from the moment of job application and interview, that the employee can fit in just right with the company and will have job satisfaction as time went by. Of course, it’s not like the boss and HR are entirely to blame; there are so many factors that decide someone’s job satisfaction in his or her career path, it’s only natural to miss a few.

Don’t worry, we are here to help you keep track of those happiness factors your employee needs. Now good boss, please read these recommendations from HR and lead your co-workers to happiness!

Top 10 Factors that Affect Job Satisfaction According to HR

1. Work Appreciation

A job is not only about salary, but also appreciation and respect. If your employee does a good job, praise them. Maybe even invite to hang out or treat them to dinner once in a while? It’s not about the praise or food, but the fact that you appreciate their hard work.

2. Good Employee Relations with Colleagues

No one wants to work in a toxic work environment, so beware of any troublemaker or problems. Make sure no harmful gossips roam. If there’s a miscommunication, clear it up. Maybe a fight or restrained relationship between co-workers? Talk to them so they can make up. Keep employee relations healthy!

3. Good Employee Relations with Superiors

Good employee relation is not only between colleagues of the same position level but also with their upper managers and boss! Be transparent with your staff, praise them when they do good work, listen to their troubles at work and so on. Make sure no one mistreat the employees!

4. Work-Life Balance

Nothing motivates an employee more than a good rest after hard work. If a job is not urgent, save them for later so everyone doesn’t need to do over-time and can take a break properly.

5. Company’s Financial Stability

A company will influence an employee’s career path, so it has to be financially stable. Be honest about what your company can offer to the employee, so they can work with a peace of mind.

6. Career Development

Like the previous point, a company needs stability so an employee’s career path is safe. The next step is to make them grow! Give a challenging job, let them try out various business approaches and so on without overworking them. It will help them grow as a person!

7. Job Security

No one wants to get fired so suddenly, right? Create a program that will ensure your employees will be safe from sudden financial problems like pension, trial period, yearly bonus, and so on.

8. Nice Fixed Salary

A good salary is about numbers and privileges. Give each employee a fair amount of fixed salary and bonuses each year. Something like a new year bonus, company’s birthday bonus, etc. It doesn’t have to be money, but also special access to facilities like gym, bar, and discounts.

9. Interesting Job Details

A job can be more than just one-note. A writer maybe can join a liver report, a chef can be entered into a TV competition, a salesman can be appointed as a project manager, and so on. Give employees unique opportunities that will ignite their creativity and spirit.

10. Company Values

One last important factor in employee happiness is the company values. Your company must do what its vision and mission say, to build up a reputation and make employees proud to be working there. No one likes a toxic company that lies and cheat, right?

And those were our top 10 factors that affect job satisfaction! Drop your CV and Resume here if you need help to find a good career path. Don’t forget to be a good boss!


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