Tips To Nail Your Upcoming Presentation

" Headhunter sure have their own way presenting their products to the clients"

It was a nice fine afternoon until you heard, "Hey, you have upcoming presentation for your business owner tomorrow!" your manager said. You're now panicking thinking the presentation will go AWOL. You feel that you are lacking of what you need to impress him and failed miserably. Well, we think that there's no sense to waste your remaining time in panic mode. Let's figure how to nail the presentation quickly, shall we?

Have you ever heard someone speak and felt the speaker was truly charismatic? If so, the speaker was engaging. The ability to engage others is the hallmark of the charisma. You don't have to be super outgoing or funny to be charismatic. Some of the most effective and charismatic speakers out there actually have more of a calm and captivating presence about them. You can't be effective or charismatic without being engaging and being to hold people's interest. So, you might ask to yourself, how to exactly win your presentation?

Well, these tips might be your ticket to win your next presentation, you just need to:

1. Adjust your Body Language

Your inner state shapes your body language: When you’re sad, you droop, when you’re happy, you expand. But the process also works in reverse. Your posture, gestures, and facial expressions create neuro-chemical and hormonal messages that influence how you feel. So here’s some old-fashioned advice. Stand up straight, weight on both feet. Keep your chin up. Chest out, Open up and smile. Those actions make you look and feel good.

2. Dare to be silent

Before you open your mouth, look at your audience with a slight smile and take three very quiet, deep breaths. Then, when the silence becomes the blank canvas on which you will paint your masterpiece, begin.

3. Attract and hold attention with with strong visuals

Engaging is closely linked to attraction. We are drawn to certain things more than others. One of the most powerful of these things is visual imagery. Of course you should look your best, but there are other ways to include visual imagery to engage people with:

A. Include strong imagery in your Power Point presentations.

Pictures draws us in. I particularly like to use photograph from the free image source like because it is instantly recognizable for the eye. Don't use clip art! Because it can feel outdated and amateurish. A clear and crisp photograph tends to feel modern and sophisticated.

B. Use minimal words in your Power Point Presentations.

Rely instead on imagery to guide your discussion. I attended a presentation by one of the best motivator and speaker, and his slides consisted of only one image or a couple of words per slide. This is a very effective way to engage your audience. When there are a lot of words on your slides, people read. People tends to be bored if you do that. If there are a few words or images, people listen.

C. Create Videos

Videos are one of the most engaging types of marketing because not only they are visual, but they also include movement and sound, which capture attention. Aim for balance in your video's sound and movement.

So, there you go the tips about nailing your presentation. Still feel anxious? Well, let's just prepare the tips above, and you'll be fine!

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