Tips to Make Up with Your Boss

"Headhunter said we shouldn't let the conflict win over us"

"I want to tell a story, guys .. I have a bad day. Today, I got into a serious conflict with my boss, and he is really annoying, Urgh! ".

Well, has anyone ever experienced anything like it or maybe this similiar situation has become a daily routine for you in the office? Indeed, sometimes, you can't avoid the conflict with your boss especially when you argue about work related matters. Conflicting with your boss could be fatal if not handled as soon as possible. The conflict can make the whole office's atmosphere uncomfortable and you can be fired from your office. This is a serious problem, your relationship with the boss must be maintained properly if you want to work with maximum result. Because you also need their cooperation and clear instruction. Supposedly, you are already in conflict with your boss, and you don't know how to make up with your him/her? Let's try the tips below so that you can get out of this problem. 1. Find the Root of Your Problem Try to find out where the root of the problem lies, and the trigger of the conflict. Once you find it, make a plan to solve it. Be brave to face your boss once again to talk about the problem. If you think you are wrong, be brave to admit your mistake and never do that again. 2. Get Rid of the Ego Temporarily There are several principles that need to be kept in mind when resolving conflicts with superiors. Getting rid of your ego is one of them. Don't wait for the boss to ignore his ego first. Better to start from yourself first. Try to find a time when your boss is in a good mood, ask for an apology with the boss and ask him/her to discuss about it to find a solution and make up for it. 3. Control Yourself Self-control is an important principle that must be implemented in conflict resolution. If you are not able to control yourself, easily offended, have an explosive attitude, and impatience means that you are sure play fire with fire in this situation. You also need to control yourself, manage emotions, and communicate effectively and objectively to be able to discuss problems personally with your boss without involving emotional issues. 4. Stay Professional Even though the conflict with the boss is not over yet, try to remain professional. Put aside feelings of confusion, anger, and keep on doing your best work. Don't take it personally if the boss's words are too sharp and rude. Even though it's hard, you need to keep your head cool so you can communicate better in your work.

Well, get ready to have lunch together and be treated well if your relationship has recovered with yor boss. Keep strong, guys!

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