Tips to Maintain Your Work Life Balance (ENG)

In this millennial era, of course you are familiar when you hear the word burnout, or more commonly known as the fatigue one feels due to overwork. Burnout is very dangerous for your health and mental aspects, negative effects such as lethargic and lack of enthusiasm in carrying out daily activities, easily felt offended and be angry, unfocused, distress, susceptible to disease, and in extreme conditions, burnout can trigger someone to commit suicide .

One way to overcome burnout is done by way of Work Life Balance. What is Work Life Balance? Work Life Balance is a condition of life and work is balanced. Work Life Balance is often applied by many office employees who are very busy and often work late until late at the office, even in today's big and bonafide companies have implemented a Work Life Balance system where employees are deliberately not allowed employees to work overtime in the office when it exceeds 7 pm.

These are the tips for you if you want to live your life in Work Life Balance: 1. Sleep Well Sleep is something we all need. The consequence of not getting enough sleep is our concentration and focus is reduced during working hours. According to a researcher named Daniel Kripke, people who sleep between 6.5 hours and 7.5 hours at night have a longer life and higher productivity. So, one of the things that determines our productivity is adequate hours of sleep. If we do not make health a top priority, there is a possibility that our bodies will develop a disease when our work is lot to be done and it approaching a deadline.

2. Socialize and Discuss it With Close Friends Friendship in the workplace can strike a balance between personal needs and workplace needs, and enhance harmony.

A study shows that small talk with colleagues can produce a significant increase in productivity. Setting aside time for small talk during breaks or lunch time can help meet our need for social interaction, as well as make us better know what is needed by our colleagues. Socializing can also help us in expanding networks to find solutions to certain problems. In essence, an organization is a network of people. The better the balance of the relations of people in it, the better they functioning on the organization/work. 3. Limit the Time for Work and Play When working, every minute is very important. If you want to stay focused and productive, it's important to determine how much time we need to get a job done, and how much time we can spend playing or talking with coworkers. Time management skills at work can have a positive impact on work and life. We can know when to focus on work and when to not work (such as at rest and at night for me time). Learning to control time requires hours of practice, as well as the ability to solve problems and make decisions. That way, we can get full control over the time we have. 4. Take The Time to Do Exercise Exercise can increase productivity at work and ideally should be part of a worker's daily routine. This activity is indeed often ignored by busy workers, because there are assumptions that assume that exercise is something that is tiring and adds to the burden after working all day. In fact, we do not need to exercise for hours. If you are not familiar, just do physical activity for 30 minutes, then accompany by eating healthy foods. According to a study in the International Journal of Workplace Health Management, exercise is not only physically beneficial, but also mentally. The stability of our minds will be maintained, and the burden when working will be released after exercise.

5. Take Me - Time The secret to maintaining a perfect work-life balance is to always take the time to do the things we really like. Sometimes, we need to think about ourselves by having fun, pampering ourselves, going to the salon, watching your favorite TV series, reading books, traveling, shopping, or resting by not doing anything at all. If we truly love and care for ourselves, we will take the time to care for our physical and mental health. By refreshing yourself, the love for yourself will be stronger, and we are ready to face the greater challenges of life. Well, if you've done these five tips, guaranteed you can avoid burnout.

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