Tips for Safely Going Out of the House in Covid-19 Pandemic

"Kessler Executive Search advised you to be careful and stay healthy in the pandemic situation"

One fine day, you try to check the groceries supply in your home.. Wow, it's bad, it's low on supplies, you might think you'll be starve to death later; What? Your boss also instructs you to retrieve important and confidential documents left in the office? And.. Wait, your mom suddenly isn't feeling well and told you to buy medicine at the pharmacy.. Ouch... why did everything turn out this way? At this time in the Covid-19 pandemic like this, if we leave the house will potentially contract the virus as well?

Relax, for those of you who might be anxious and indeed should have to leave the house no matter what during a pandemic like this, there is the best solution for you to still be able to leave the house but there is no potential for contracting the Covid-19 virus. Let's try to see what are the tips and solutions. 1. Masks and Disinfectants Make sure you wear a mask, bring disinfectants while traveling and if necessary bring wet tissues as well. If you use a car or motorcycle, try to wipe the steering wheel before and after you use the vehicle. If you must to hold or press something in public space, better use the elbow. When you come home immediately rushed to the bathroom to clean themselves. 2. Do not linger outside the home Do your job as fast and as thoroughly as possible and go straight back home. If you don't wash your hands outside the house, don't touch your face. Always remember the Covid-19 prevention and transmission protocol. 3. Apply Distancing Pay attention and do the social and physical distancing. Limit the number of people in a vehicle, and make sure your driver also wears a mask. Empty the driver's side seat, and ask that the driver's door window be opened slightly, the second passenger sitting in the back row. Likewise, for waiting in line when paying at a minimarket or supermarket, take a distance of about 1 meter. The same thing applies when sitting in a public place.

4. Careful When You Shop! Carrying your own tote bag will provide many self-protection benefits because it avoids touching the trolley or basket that is prepared by the shop or supermarket that has been used by many people. If forced to use a trolley or self-service basket, wash your hands first to protect yourself and other people who use them next. Bring your own sanitary wipes (wet tissues) to wipe the basket or trolley and make sure to wash your hands when you get home. When sifting through food or groceries, use gloves so as not to touch each item with your bare hands.

5. As much as possible, avoid shaking hands and hugging If you happen to see a family member, friend, or neighbor in a shop or on the street, resist the urge to hug or shake hands. Maintaining social distance in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic is a loving way to protect people. 6. Don't Use Cash When Shopping Although it is believed that the highest risk of contracting Corona Virus comes from person to person, shared objects can also contain viruses, such as cash. Now is the time to set aside cash and rely more on payments without physical contact, such as digital payments. If a digital signature is needed, use your knuckle instead of the index finger. For physical signatures, start bringing your own pen. Well, this is how we protect ourselves from the Covid-19 virus, as much as possible to stay at home, move at home, and work at home, guys! Stay Safe! Quoted from:

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