Tips For Preparing a Job Interview (ENG)

In this life, everything needs careful preparation before execution. Take for example, you want to invite the girl you love for a date, surely at least you have prepared a plan in advance before you asked her right? Like the plan going to the restaurant where you two will have dinner, what movie you two want to watch in the cinema, and what gifts you will give to her to commemorate your first date. You might even consider the second option or an alternative option if, for example, the girl you like doesn't like the place or restaurant you chose or the type of film you offer turns out to be unsuitable for her. Likewise with the job interview schedule. You must prepare everything before the interview later. In fact, HR already knows and considers the call schedule for an interview in advance with you so that you can be ready to go through the process.

Are you confused about what preparations for a job interview? Well, you might consider these tips below for the smooth process of your job interview. 1. Research the Company that Invite You It has been explained before, that applying for a job is like applying for the woman you want to marry. Research for the ins and outs of which company is engaged in what industry, what year it founded, and what products are developed in the industry. Why is this so important for you to know? Because a lot of HR that interviewed you intentionally testing your readiness and your work motives by asking questions related to the company. Not only that, by studying the company, you can also analyze whether you are suitable if you accepted and work at the company, also you can learn what type of benefits or packages that the company might offer to you. 2. Find out the Job Description You Are Applying For Job interviews are the only way the company know how well they know the job they are applying for. Learn what is needed for the interview to answer the questions from HR. If you are a fresh graduate, you may need to ask questions and discuss with someone who is skilled enough and experienced working in accordance with the Job Description offered, or you can also discuss it with your parents, siblings, or close friends if possible.   3. Maintain a Healthy Body Lots of job applicant candidates underestimate this. Though this is very important for the continuity of your recruitment process to the next stage. Imagine, if you are not feeling well when the interview is taking place, you will likely not focus on the questions that HR poses to you and worse, the HR could assumes that you are a person who cannot maintain health or you have a history of illness that can interfere with work activities if you later accepted and work at the company. Maintaining a healthy body is also useful for you to be able to pass the Medical Checkup stage that company often do to their candidates. If you are a smoker, start to lay off the cigarettes for a while until you can be accepted at the company. 4. Cleaning Social Media Today's recruiters have traced their candidates to their social media! Try to remember again, have you ever posted photos or comments that are contain SARA? If you think you did that, it's good for you to delete and clean the feed on your social media.

5. Dress Codes Forget T-shirts, miniskirts, hot pants, especially pajamas. Wear semi-formal clothing for a job interview such as a blazer, long sleeve shirt, or dress for women. Wearing the right clothes will leave a good impression for HR and it could make a professional impression out of you. Good luck for your upcoming job interview, guys!

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