The Unilever's Secret in Marketing Its Products

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Who doesn't know the Unilever company? Yes, Unilever is a multinational company that manufactures consumer goods to meet their daily needs. This company has products that make consumers feel comfortable, look attractive, and are satisfied in using their products.

In facing competition between companies, Unilever has a marketing strategy in dealing with competition between companies. These marketing strategy includes: 1. Product Differentiation and Relatively Cheap Prices Unilever products continue to introduce the latest product packaging, so customers are not bored with the same packaging. And also they continue to maintain the quality of their products. Whether it's packing glass bottles, sachets, small bottles, and more. Unilever also continues to maintain relatively low prices and supermarket shelves are well stocked using a neat and efficient refilling system. 2. Focus on Market Opportunities

Unilever products use a customer information system that is different from the others. Products enter the market by promoting their goods by plunging directly into the community. They provide tangible evidence of quality, for example by inviting people to participate in product quality competitions at Unilever with other competing products. 3. Researching Consumer Behavior and Habits (Consumer Behavior) Unilever is actually paying attention of their consumer's behaviours. They do that by continuous research, improvement, and development. They know what we love! One of the examples is Unilever has opened a branch in Indonesia. To be better known by the people of Indonesia and can get the hearts of the people of Indonesia, they make products that suit Indonesian tastes like this product, Bango Soy Sauce (Kecap Bango). Soy sauce is a food made from soybeans, and you could say soy sauce is a typical food processed by Indonesian sauce. So, Indonesian loves it very much, and it can boost their sales and revenue.

4. Strengthening Communications with Consumers and Suppliers Indonesian society consists of various groups and various social levels. If the Unilever company cannot touch everyone's hearts, they will not thrive. The marketing process carried out by Unilever also uses a variety of ways including by providing promotions such as discounts given to be able to attract the attention of customers who come from the lower middle class. In addition, Unilever also conducts questions and answers to consumers and accommodates all suggestions and criticisms.

Unilever also uses a sophisticated and neat information system to facilitate direct access from suppliers to production schedules and even allows suppliers to decide how and when to send product supplies to suppliers. That is, Unilever's strategy to compete with its competitors. Interesting to learn right? Quoted from: 101 Branding Ideas; written by Akmal Musyadat.

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