The Best Websites and Platforms for Job Searching

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

Job Search is like a Treasure Hunt

Job hunting is a very serious affair, which many found hard to do. It’s not surprising, as there are thousands of job vacancies posted online daily, in which a massive number of recruiters are searching for capable workers and staff members. The job search experience itself is hard for the employee candidates, as there are so many to choose from, each one with differing requirements and responsibilities. Fortunately, there are plenty of online job portals where plenty of job vacancies are available to view and apply to anytime. Unfortunately, with so many choices of job portal in forms of job websites and job platforms, it is even harder to choose. Fear not, we’re here to give you some pointers. Read our recommendations below:

The Best Job Websites and Job Platforms


This Jobstreet website is the gold standard of online job search for the majority of people today. It was launched back in 1995 with a simple user interface where you edit your profile with educational background, work history, certificates, and many more. It is available in many languages and accessible in plenty of countries such as Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, Japan, Philippines, and many more.

One of the best features of this job search platform is the ease of use. There are no convoluted or complicated buttons to click through. Any menu option is easy to understand, and any changes you made can be saved mid-way without much a hassle. As the years go by, many additional features are added, such as language proficiency test, career info, daily job alert, job vacancy overseas, and many more.

Even if you’re a beginner at online job hunting, you can’t go wrong starting with Jobstreet.


Sometimes, even the simple Jobstreet is too complicated for many people, since there are so many new features added. If you want an even easier time searching for a job vacancy and improve your career, JobDB is an alternative.

It doesn’t have as many features as Jobstreet, but that’s what makes it even easier and comfy to use. While you can’t be very specific in what kind of recruitment company or work type you want like in Jobstreet, sending in your job application is much easier. Sometimes, simple is best.


Linkedin is a bit different than other job platforms because, in fact, it wasn’t actually a job portal at all! Still, it can function well just like any other job website if you play your cards right. First off, Linkedin is first and foremost, a website about establishing business connections. People all around the world including you can build a profile with educational background, work history, skills, and whatnot just like any other job search platform.

Linkedin’s main focus is about viewing each other profiles, so you may connect with other people and gain potential business partners. In this regard, there are also a lot of job vacancy posts inside many company’s profiles, where you can send in a job application just like any other job platform!

So, which one do you like best? You may also consider either a Startup or Corporate company for your target. If you need help in deciding, send us your CV and Resume. We’ll make sure to find the best job application for your career!


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