The Apple's Secrets for Its Product Branding Strategies

" Dear Headhunter, please stop hi-jacking my employee!"

Understanding branding in a broad sense is not just a matter of logos, corporate identity, marketing, and advertising, but product branding is an effort that must be done to make consumers believe in the goods or services that we sell. Now, for those of you who are currently working in a company, especially in the branding and advertising products or you are now starting a new business and confused about where your brand will be taken, this article might be good for you to read and practice to build a business with a good branding product strategy.

We take one example of the Apple company in its branding strategy. Who is not familiar with this company? Yes, Apple Inc. is very well known throughout the world because of its elegant products and it feels different from the others. Although Apple has existed for many years before, the successful iPhone advertising strategy stuck the Apple brand in the minds of the creators of communication technology. All Apple's branding strategies are about human experience. According to the wired website said that, "Apple is an emotional branding, a brand that is felt in the heart and mind of the consumer". This is the key to the company's Apple to survive in the market and continue to survive in the midst of changing times. Actually, what makes Apple grows and feels different from other brands? Here are the Apple product branding strategies implemented by Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple: 1. Innovation Apple makes use of products that have been popular before, namely the iPod and mobile phones. then they put the two concepts together. Supported with in-depth research and various surveys and research, Apple is able to create products that combine the two product concepts so it is not awkward when operated. Next, they added features with exclusive content such as iTunes to play music, podcasting, and even have their own storage in the mobile phone application that we are familiar with Apple Store. 2. Unique Logo and User Interface With a logo and company name that is easy to remember, Apple instills the idea that its products are advanced technology that is easy to use and user friendly. This is also applied in the iPhone's feature that uses icons that are easy to remember in the main menu.

3. Unique, Simple and Versatile Products! In creating advertisements and company profiles, Apple always presents a simple yet different impression. For example, Apple ads are always inspiring, touching, and in the form of experience or adventure. Coupled with the Apple logo which is a logo that is different than others makes it easy for customers to recognize the product. Have you observed? Apple product marketing campaigns since the first series always highlight the things that attract the attention of young people and professionals by showing products that are sophisticated, trendy, and versatile. 4. Consistent Product Price Adjustments If you observe the products you might ask, "Why is the price of the iPhone getting more expensive over time?" Yes, the main principle of Apple's marketing strategy is "The latest and the greatest". This means that Apple must continue to adjust the prices of old products while still making new products, because people tend to look for trendy elements of communication technology. This makes consumers feel unconcerned even though the old product still has many elements and features that are the same and useful. This is why Apple also consistently lowers product prices after only a few products before releasing a new series. Until now, Apple has never stopped doing innovation and research in order to be able to continuously create a new iPhone series that can compete in the communications technology market. This is also an Ace for Apple to always be able to compete with other competing companies. Quoted from: 101 Branding Ideas - Akmal Musyadat

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