Sudono Salim of Indofood: A Story of Success and Motivation

Mr. Indomie here is a good man

Sudono Salim is the founder of Indofood, who started his career path from zero to hero! As the founder of Indofood group where its famous product of Indomie was created, Mr. Salim’s brilliance in business and creativity deserved our time and attention. Other than Indofood and its world-famous brand of Indomie products, Mr. Salim also managed to further expand his business empire to the international level. Which begs the question: how does such a humble man grow from the mold of common men to become one of the most successful business pioneers in Indonesia’s history? We shall read his success story first hand in this article! Go, read this success story of hard work and dreams!

Salim Sudono may become famous as a successful entrepreneur in the food industry through his Indofood, company, but it didn’t always start that way. His success story starts way back from the time he migrated from Tiongkok to Indonesia. His first business venture has little to do with the food industry, which is about tobacco production. Unfortunately for him, in the year of 1942 his tobacco business went bankrupt due to the Japanese invasion. Once the national crisis with the Japanese is over, Sudono tried his luck on another career path in Jakarta: military logistics. With the success money he earned there, he went to found the largest bank in Asia: Bank Central Asia (BCA) with his partner Mochtar Riady. Yes, our Mr. Indomie here is also Mr. BCA!

Of course, Mr. Sudono Salim’s string of successes didn’t stop there. He went on to build the largest flour company in Indonesia: PT Bogasari! And after going through many, many attempts and tryouts at other business fields to further improve his career path, Mr. Sudono made one of the most pivotal decisions in his life: founding the Indofood company! Indofood was founded back in 1982, with Indomie and its multiple variants of taste as its ace product line. You all know how it all went from there; with Indomie monopolizing the entire food industry of instant noodles and keep releasing new flavors every once in a while, which in turn singing Indofood’s name in other countries by a wide margin!

However, Mr. Salim’s success story didn’t end with Indomie you know? Back in 1997 during the infamous monetary crisis, his business got set back quite a bit. He accrued a massive debt of 52 Trillion Rupiahs, in which he was forced to sell some stocks of his most successful company brands such as Indocement, Indomobil, and BCA. But Mr. Salim didn’t give up to continue his business investment and eventually his hard work yield fruit. In 2006 he managed to close off all of his debts and also had his name listed in the top 10 Indonesia’s richest people by Forbes magazine. His fortune at the time reached IDR 800 Trillion! Other than Indomie and BCA’s banking services, Mr. Salim’s top products are cooking oil, milk, margarine, sugar, soy sauce, etc.

While Mr. Salim Sudono himself passed away not too long ago in 2012, his name will be forever remembered as on the best businessman in Indonesia and also the whole world. Let’s work hard like Mr. Salim here and carve our career path!


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