Startup vs. Corporate: Their Pros and Cons

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

Startup vs. Corporate: Their Pros and Cons
Choices, choices.

One of many dilemmas in looking for a job is choosing between Startup and Corporate companies to join. As you guys may already know, Startup is a new company that usually dabbles in the digital business industry. Corporate, on the other hand, is a company that has established its roots in the business world. While Startup is struggling to gain clients and trust, Corporate is already self-sufficient enough that it can focus more on expanding the business network. BUT, this does not mean that everyone should gun for a job at a Corporate and avoid Startup companies. Each type of employment has its share of pros and cons, ranging from salary to benefits. Which recruitment gig is the right one for you? Read on below before resuming the job search, why don’t cha?



+ Big Potential

As Startup is a new company, it’s swimming in creativity. You can make direct changes in the company’s work environment by pitching in ideas!

+ Flexible

The company is just starting, so you may have an afternoon shift or even work at home. Try to discuss and find one that works best for everyone!

+ Experience

Everything is new, so there is so much to do. By doing many different types of work, you can get plenty of experience for your resume!

+ Friendly Relations

A startup is all about ‘my way’, so your boss and co-workers will be friendly. Everyone is equal, so no need to be formal!


- Hectic Schedule

Being flexible is double-edged, as you may have to work in random hours daily. Ouch.

- Heavy Workload

You will get a lot of experience working a Startup Job, but that means doing many roles all at once, while only being paid for one. Double ouch.

- Minimum Facilities

Startup companies are small, so expect only a handful of rooms and not enough chairs at the office.

- Uncertain Future

Until the Startup company grows bigger, you won’t be getting much money or benefits for any future planning. That is, assuming the company survives…



+ Fixed Schedule

Who says working whenever you want is healthy? With a corporate’s static, unchanging schedule, you can plan out your days better.

+ Fixed Salary

You will get the agreed payment no matter what, without any holdup. Hell yeah.

+ Facilities Galore

Coffee maker? Water Dispenser? Lunch hall? Gym? You got it.

+ Stable Future

You can enjoy the salary, facilities, and other benefits freely. No sudden downsizing!


- Strict Rules

Yeah, you must be wearing formal clothes, not smoking in the hall, arriving exactly at 8 AM, join any company’s events, etcetera. Yes-man much?

- Hierarchy

No, no talking back to your boss or manager. Not even when he or she is being an unfair jerkwad.

- No Innovation

Fact: you’re a cog in the machine. Unless you’re a super genius, you’re stuck in the middle.

- Job Test

Hoo boy. With over 1000 job applicants in the recruitment process, just being accepted is hard. You will need some tips!

So, which one do you prefer: Startup job or Corporate job? Make sure to read our Pros and Cons list above thoroughly before deciding!


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