Starbucks Marketing Secrets To Dominate Its Competitors

" Rumor said that the Headhunters are using Starbucks place to meet with their candidates"

Who doesn't know Starbucks Coffee!? This franchise company that has international standards was established in 1987 in Washington, United States. Starbucks successfully expanded its network to 16,120 outlets in 50 countries including Indonesia, and the number is increasing year by year. Starbucks Coffee is used to be a small coffee shop in the United States, however it is growing to be a lead of the franchise of beverage company in almost all countries in the world. Starbucks is certainly able to arouse motivation for small businesses. In fact, the main success factor of Starbucks coffee shops in America is the love of Americans for coffee and their lifestyle that they can assume that by drinking a cup of coffee in the morning is a daily necessity. The first coffee shop initiated by Starbucks was to give them a quiet and comfortable place to hang out with each other, relax, or rest.

You also might be curious as why is it, Starbucks is only by selling coffee alone, they can be very profitable and famous? Well, here are tips from the sales strategy of the Starbucks Coffee business that we can take: 1. Prioritizing Product Quality Starbucks places great emphasis on product quality. Although in terms of price, Starbucks coffee is relatively more expensive compared to their competitors, their coffee is very satisfying consumers with rich and delicious flavors and aromas. There are always recipes, ingredients, and formulas such as how to blend selected coffee beans that make the taste of Starbucks coffee different from other coffee brands. 2. Positioning Himself as the Third Home From the start, Starbucks focused on creating a "third home" for everyone who traveled from home and to work. Starbucks is not just a place to buy a cup of coffee, but rather a gathering place for socializing and discussing, especially for students and young professionals. This unique, soothing experience and atmosphere is an interesting concept for this company, so consumers feel attracted to Starbucks. Not only that, when we compare it to other coffee companies, Starbucks employees starting from cashiers to waiters are very friendly and they don't stop smiling! This is what makes Starbucks customers feel welcomed and finally they come back again and become regular customers.

3. Innovation

Starbucks is known for its creative and innovative ideas in adding choices of products or services for years. They added different flavors to their coffee, added food menus, and also became one of the first to provide internet facilities at their outlets. They also not only sell coffee and food, but they also make other beverage menus such as tea, fruit juice, and others. In addition, they also added by selling their merchandise and goods, such as tumblers, coffee cups and coffee beans. It is also believed to increase the quality of their products and sales. 4. Location In choosing locations, Starbucks does not choose based on demographics, traffic, competitors' locations, or store area, but Starbucks groups its shops in certain areas, making it very easy to find on city streets. While the mindset of other coffee business competitors actually opposes the placement of adjacent stores, because it can cut sales from existing outlets.

5. Starbucks "Gimmicks" Starbucks is a pioneer in the use of names in every coffee cup to serve their customers. That is one way to get them 'close' to their customers. But on several occasions, Starbucks employees have often been misspelled the customer's names.

For example, there is the name of someone 'Fatty' who orders a glass of Starbucks coffee. The problem, what he got was a glass of coffee called 'Fate' instead of Fatty. Is it true that Starbucks employees are wrong in writing the name, or they deliberately do it? Daily Mail said there is a theory that states if Starbucks is deliberately mistaken to wrote the names of his customers to get them free advertising. The theory was put forward through a video from Youtube on the Super Deluxe Channel. According to them, the writing error was made so that customers post it through social media. Imagine, now Starbucks has more than 27.000 branches worldwide. If someone in one branch posted it on Instagram, how many of all branches? That is what is meant to be as free advertising. Quoted from : - 101 Branding Ideas - Akmal Musyadat Cholil. - Marketing Strategy: How Starbucks sells expensive coffee but sells in the market - Fery Andriawan.

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