Recruitment is Hard? Don't worry, This is the Solution For You! (ENG)

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

Recruitment is an important step in building a strong team. Employees recruitment is usually carried out by a highly experienced Human Resources team, especially in the Talent Acquisition / Recruitment Division. Recruiting candidates is certainly not an easy task, there are many challenges often faced by a recruiter in recruiting new employees such as: the mismatch of applicant candidates with salaries and benefits offered in the company, the quality of applicants who do not match the criteria sought, up to the best candidates instead back off at the last second. The following are two ways you can do to face the challenges above such as: 1. Improve your company's recruitment strategy     To get the right candidate, a recruitment strategy that is appropriate and effective is needed, so that the recruitment process is only an opportunity to waste time, money and energy without producing new employees in accordance with the criteria sought. Recruiting candidates through the employment platform is recommended, because also from the employment platform you can post advertisements about job openings from your company. Or, you might also need service personnel from Headhunter to save your time in the recruitment process.

We, Kessler Executive Search can find the right candidate for you! 2. Attracting Candidates' Attention One of the main components in successful recruitment is the impression the company gives to job applicant candidates. If you have found the best candidate but the candidate withdrew at the last minute, then you need to determine the attractiveness or effective persuasion that will be offered, such as salary, career path, and others. If you need candidates who are truly skilled in their jobs, then don't hesitate to be able to hire them with salaries, benefits, and career opportunities that might be a little bigger than before.

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