The Obstacles Faced by Startup Companies in Recruiting New Talents

Updated: May 5, 2020

" Hmm.. Should we use Headhunter Service?"

In this millennial era, if we pay close attention, a lot of Startup Companies are starting to develop, not only in Indonesia, but also in the wealthy countries. Usually, Startup Companies have their own obstacles and issues in recruiting qualified new employees who are very competent in carrying out their jobs. The difficulty of recruiting new employees is what makes Startup Company owners and HRD divisions are confused and couldn't have solutions for this matters. There have been many problems that must be dealt with at work, and they still have to solve for recruitment issues? Whoops! ... Do not underestimate this problem. Good employees are important assets for the company in the long run in order to compete with their competitor.

Calm down! We will discuss the challenges faced by Startup Companies in recruiting new employees, and how to solve this problem thoroughly. 1. The name of the company is not well known.. yet. It's clear, the newly established Startup Company whose name and beliefs are not yet well known in the wider community. It is important for the owner or founder of the company to create a company's vision and mission in the long run to create trust for the community. It's also important to create a website, Linked-in page, even a company Instagram so that it can be seen by the public. This is quite useful to attract the attention of prospective clients so that company profits can grow. 2. There Is No Competent Recruitment Strategy and HR Most Startup Companies don't usually have a clear recruitment strategy. Recruitment SOPs are still confusing, not yet clear. The HR division may already exist in the company, but it may not be too competent to handle the problem of recruiting employees. If the conditions are like this, it's good for companies to use the services of Headhunter or Outsourcing for employees. Not a problem ! You can contact Kessler Executive Search to recruit new employees for your company.

3. There is no clear Job Description for Employees Startup companies certainly have a lot of work to do to be able to compete with other company's competitors. The company's Human Resources are very limited while the workload is very much causing startup company employees to be quite helter-skelter in doing their respective burdens .. While the company owner can only be dizzy thinking about this issue. The solution is that the HR team can make Job Description in each division so that work gets done quickly and the workload between employees can be divided equally. Focus the work of recruiting new employees done by the HR team, not other divisions. If the company's HR team is not yet competent in recruiting new employees, they can take special recruitment training courses for HR, usually there are lots of free training and webinars on the internet. Choose speakers who are appropriate and competent with the material presented. Well here are the challenges and solutions in dealing with the issue of recruitment in Startup Companies. Do you have other ideas or objections? Please comment on this post!

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