Top List of Best and Trusted Freelance Sites

" While I wait for Headhunter and HR to contact me, I'll do job as a freelancer"

Are you currently still find for a promising full-time job or are you still a college student? Oh I know, maybe you are an employee which your company currently doing employee efficiency, and this time, luck is not on your side, so you are also affected by it? Don't be so frustrated about it, it's true you are now unemployed and you don't have a promising job, maybe it's good for you to look for freelance or part time jobs to keep your finance stable, earn a little cash, or just try to fill in on your leisure time with positive things. Looking for a freelance job is also a method used by some people who are not suitable to work in an office and prefers to work from home. If you might be someone who does not have a full-time job, maybe freelance can be an alternative for you to get a job that you like. Here are the best and most trusted freelance sites for you: 1.

This site is a well-known freelance site in Indonesia. Here you can find various types of freelance jobs in many fields such as programming, graphic design, digital marketing, and writing services. One unique feature on this site that is rarely found on other freelance sites is a program called Affiliate Referral. This program allows you to get a commission if there are people who register to the site and make transactions through the link that you provide. 2.

Sribu or Sribudesign is a freelance site that is still one group and the same management team with

This site created exclusively for people who works as designer. Why? Because this site only opens for various freelance projects as designers. The freelance projects offered ranging from graphic design to interior design.


This site is an international and trusted site for freelance work. This site has very unique and different features. Why? Because this site has the opposite features from any other sites. In the other sites, clients open vacancies or projects for freelancers, but on this site it is the freelance workers who open work announcements and submit his qualifications to be hired by the client.

The system at Fiverr is of course unique, because freelance applicants don't have to bother looking for clients. Clients are looking for them, so they just have to make sure their profile and qualifications look good and professional. 4.

This site is the largest international freelance site on the internet with more than 12 million job applicants and 3 million clients. You can find freelance jobs from moderate to high salaries on this site. The good things on this site, the wage payment system for freelance workers can be done hourly or per project they are working on. Well, what about guys? While you are waiting for the HR or Headhunter to call you for job interview, it might be a good idea for you to look for freelance jobs. Quoted from: - 10 Best and Most Trusted Sites To Make Money - Mirza M - Pictures taken from

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