Jobless After Being Laid Off or Fired, What to Do?

You need a Headhunter's help!

The best thing we can do after being laid off is to KEEP CALM! The wave of Corona Virus pandemic has left us in shambles, with the social and financial sectors crumbling under pressure. We are forced to stay at home due to new rules made by the government (for own safety) and unable to do activities outdoors, like working. Worse, the Covid-19 effects have made millions of people get laid off and jobless! Sure, there are alternate solutions to working productively: ‘work at home’ (WFH) system and rotating shift. The ‘work at home’ system allows the company to be in business by making all of the employees working online from their homes. Rotating shifts split the employees into groups, with only one group manning the office building at a time. Still, even those two alternatives were not enough to make companies stop laying off their employees! Now that you (or other people) are jobless, what to do?

Sure, looking for a new job ASAP using headhunter and recruiter service seems viable, but not necessarily correct. Read our HR-approved tips below!


No joke: the 1st, most important thing to do is to stay calm. You’re just being laid off and become jobless, so it must be quite a shock. It’s normal to be stressed, so don’t freak out. Go home, eat something, and think calmly in your bedroom. Avoid company since you’re in a bad state of mind right now, don’t risk someone making an insensitive comment.

Accept the fact that you’re jobless now and need to make a new plan for the future. Take it all in, one at a time. You can do it!

Count Your Assets

Once you’ve calmed down, now it’s the time to count your current assets: money, insurance, bank loans, everything. Did you get pension money from your last workplace? How many months of daily life needs your current money can cover? Can you use your insurance to get some financial aid? Is there any loan you need to pay soon?

Don’t rush; do it at your own pace, so you can count everything properly. By knowing how much you still have, both time and money, you can manage this better.

Job Search: Employee or Entrepreneur?

Now you’ve counted what expenses you need to cover and how much money you still had, it’s time to do a job search! You can apply for a job online (Corona Virus, remember?), as an employee or a freelancer. The HR of a Headhunter and Recruiter service can help you with that. Better find a ‘work from home’ job; can’t risk getting ill now!

Another alternative is to be an entrepreneur: build your own business! Careful though, remember that you’re still in a jobless crisis after being laid off. Make sure you have a solid business plan before using any money, or you’ll be left broke.

Pawn Shop

If you need extra money to last another month of job searching or for your new business, don’t hesitate to pawn off something. Just make sure you don’t need the items and the money will be well spent.

Save Money

Since you have a limited budget now, cut off any entertainment activities like shopping, eating out, etc. If you’re not sure the entrepreneur business will work, don’t spend money on it. Do things in moderation!

Those were our tips on what to do after being laid off and jobless! Being laid off is sad, but we know you can recover! Use a Headhunter or Recruiter Service like Kessler Executive Search, so their HR can help find a new career path! Keep up with your work at home (WFH) and stay productive!


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