Is the Zoom App Dangerous for Business?

Not something a good Headhunter will use.

Is the Zoom app dangerous!? This year of 2020, the whole world is shaken by the pandemic of the Corona Virus, which forces people to stay at home. This massive scale of Covid-19 illness spreads throughout the nations at an alarming rate, which renders social and financial sectors frozen to the core. People are forced to stay at home by the new rules our government made to keep everyone safe. Still, what about the employees? Many companies are forced to adopt a new working style, such as ‘work from home’ (WFH) system and rotating shift. The rotating shift split employees into several teams, which then man the office building by taking turns with one another. The ‘work from home’ system is arguably better, as everyone can work online from the safety of their homes, even the HR! Every employee is taught how to use messaging, video, and other work-related programs properly, so the company business can run smoothly like usual! One of the most popular video app for the company’s ‘work from home’ (WFH) system is Zoom, but it’s rumored to be dangerous!

The Zoom video program and application developed by Zoom Video Communications, a communications technology company founded by Eric Yuan in America. This program has been proved to be dangerous for financial uses, especially the ones involving business companies in this Covid-19 period! With ‘work from home’ system under risk of a data leak, Headhunter, Recruiter, and HR become alert.

To Protect our career and stay productive in business meetings, pay attention to these facts about Zoom below!

Unencrypted Video, Easy to Hack

Whenever a user does a video call using Zoom, either for a conference business meeting or a group chat with friends, the video is not encrypted! This means that the live stream of your video call session is not properly protected and can be hacked easily!

E-Mail Address and Photos Are Leaking

There are already thousands of cases where people’s e-mail addresses and photos were leaked by Zoom. This is due to the Company Directory feature, which used to sort the contact list with the same e-mail address domain within the company. But it includes other unrelated people! Oops.

Strangers Can Join into Private Videos

Another trouble comes from Apple and iOS version of Zoom, where you can join in a video call without permission! Zoom, where’s our privacy?

Analytical Data Leaked to Facebook

Continuing from the point above, analytical data of many users were also shared illegally using Facebook, even when the users don’t have one! What gives?

Annoying Attention Tracking

Zoom also has a controversial feature: tracking if anyone is not paying attention to a video call for 30 seconds! Not cool.

Controversial Policy

Zoom demands that it can save any information during video calls as they please: pictures, sounds, everything! Thankfully it’s redacted now.

And those were our findings of the dangers in using Zoom! Maybe it’s fine now, but better not to risk it. Use a headhunter and recruiter service you can trust, like Kessler Executive Search to find a new career and stay productive!


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