HR Job Descriptions and Responsibilities

"I want to be an HR !"

Are you bored with your current job or have you just graduated from college and you are currently looking for a full-time job? Maybe you are someone who cares and likes to serve with those around you, obey the rules, and you enjoy interacting with new people? Well, maybe the job that suits you is to become an HR. HR? I often hear the name of the position, but what is their daily work like? The purpose of the HR is to serve the needs of all company departments and employees on a daily basis. In advanced companies, HR is divided into various sub-divisions. Let's look at the subdivisions one by one: 1. Recruitment Division This division is responsible for recruiting company candidates to be a new employee, if there is a need for a new position in a company's department or replacing resigned employees. This division also needs someone who is friendly, polite, skilled in public relation, also able to analyze people's habits and behavior. This division is also the image and face of the company because every job applicant who comes must meet them first for job interviews, so they are required to be friendly and professional. 2. Employee Development and Training Division Also known as Learning and Development, this division is responsible for developing the potential and talents of existing employees by holding various types of training or seminars that are useful for employees in carrying out their duties in daily work activities. In a well established companies, this division even provides counseling and coaching sessions for employees who have problems in their departments, conflicts between divisions, to personal problems so they can work optimally. This division needs someone who has passion and love of teaching, developing others, and is certainly a good listener. Someone who works in this division is also required to be able to analyze the training program requirements needed for each division in the company.

3. The Payroll Division Also known as the Compensation and Benefit Division. This division is responsible for calculating after-tax salaries including employee overtime wages and providing employees benefit services as promised by the company. The intended benefits such as insurances, bonus, commissions, etc. This division needs someone who is very detailed about data, good at counting, and also has a heart that likes to serve others. 4. General Affairs Division This division is responsible for providing daily needs for employees. You could say this division is the hero of employees in office activities on a daily basis. Their work starts from providing daily Stationeries for all employees, managing the work of Office Boys and company drivers, reimbursing employee work related costs, and to making a list of company and building inventory data every month. In well established companies, the General Affairs division is also responsible for arranging transportation tickets such as planes, trains and ships for employees who want to go on business trips. This division needs someone who has an interest in carrying out of daily task basis, detail oriented, has a heart to serve, and can work efficiently. So? Are you interested in becoming an HR? Try to match it with your interests and talents. Good luck finding your new job!

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