How to Pass The Job Interview (ENG)

Congratulations ! You just graduated from the university that you fight with sweat, blood, and tears for for about 4 years. You feel proud, as well as your parents, and now is the time for you to really get involved in the society by working hard, not only motivated for the need to earn income to support yourself and help your family's finances, but also you have the need to want to learn and hone your ability in the world of work.

One that comes to you to meet those needs is to work in a bona fide and well-known company. You finally applied for a job at the company of your dreams and it turns out you were called by the Company's HR! After undergoing various tests and it's time for you to do a job interview with HR. You also feel tense and nervous, asking yourself whether you can go through this stage. Now, here are tips that you can apply to pass the job interview stage: 1. Arrive on Time If you are late, this will make an impression on the HR or interviewer that you lack discipline and can't allocate time well enough. You are not an employee, yet you are late? Well.. Shame. Try to sleep early before the interview day arrives. Prepare and fill in the biodata form that has been given previously from HR, so that tomorrow you will not have to rush. This will only make you feel panic. 2. Feeling Less Confident A lack of confidence will make HR skeptical of your communication skills. Stay face to face with the interviewer when you talk or answer questions. Answer the questions from HR in a concise and straightforward way. Also, avoid gestures that can make you feel nervous in front of HR such as tapping the table with your fingers, shaking your legs, crossing your arms, and rubbing your face too much. Be relaxed and reduce body movements when not needed.

3. Be arrogant

This is the opposite attitude of lack of confidence, do not let HR judge you as an arrogant individual. Answer the questions from HR with a humble heart. If you are asked to give self-introduction, try to cut the introduction brief and you don't need to exaggerate yourself, and this applies also if you are asked to explain what kind of achievements that you have achieved so far.

4. Failure to Recognize the Company That You Applied

Most HR will ask about the product or service and also the type of industry you are applying for. This is actually deliberately asked by HR to see how much interest you put in to work in the company. It is highly recommended to find out all the company information that you are applying for on the internet. Especially, when you apply in as sales or marketing department, it is very fatal if you don't know what products or services you will sell or market later.

In essence, applying for company is like proposing for a partner you want to marry. How come you don't want to know about their information?

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