How to Avoid Meaningless Office Dramas (ENG)

Sometimes we work in a company that has many Korean dramas going around ... uh, what I meant is office dramas. Office drama can occur if there are two individuals or groups in an office that have different opinions or interests. Most office dramas can have a negative effect on the effectiveness and performance of employees affected. The office drama is very tiring and can affect the mental health of employees as well. Anyone can fall victim to office drama, including you. Just you imagine, the work and responsibilities in the office alone are already too much, and yet, you still have to face office drama that is actually useless and only brings negative impacts.

Even though office drama is actually difficult to avoid, there are several ways and strategies that can be done so that we can be free from office drama: 1. Avoid Gossip Who can dodge gossip in the office? You must be tempted to know what's hot in the office environment. However, don't involve yourself! We will never know if gossip can damage your good name in the office. Being part of office rumors can make your position in the office not good.

When they start talking about other people, try to avoid or give more productive topics of conversation. The point is do not side with anyone, always try to be neutral. 2. Avoid Emotional and Tempramental Friends As much as possible avoid communicating and socializing with your coworkers who are too emotional and temperamental. The reason is because it is nature that can give you negative effects and impacts for your effectiveness and performance in the office. If you are in a condition where your work is required and needed to communicate with that person, just talk and communicate as needed, just as long as your work is done. 3. If You Have Problems With Colleagues, Clean Up First Usually what makes the office atmosphere "drama" is because there are personal problems that are still propping up with other colleagues. To overcome this, you need to solve personal problems that may exist with your coworkers. Talk privately and complete carefully so as not to affect work productivity in the office. 4. Just Focus on the Work to Be Done

Believe or not, someone who is focused on their work, they are free from drama in the office. This happens because they do not have time to discuss anything that is outside their responsibilities and work. In this way not only are we free from office drama, but we are also impressed as a professional in the work we carry. Be kind and polite with your boss, team and colleagues, so you will get a good name.

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