Fast Hiring Versus Efficient Hiring Method

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Most new companies (startups) are eager to expand as quickly as possible. They see growth as the fuel necessary to succeed, and to achieve growth, startups need to invest in more resources such as talents. If they want good talents, then they need to start hiring. However, if they aren’t careful, hiring talents too quickly can work against them. So how can they scale up their hiring efforts without running into long-term problems that could threaten their business?

Before we proceed for the hiring solution, let us see between two startups, one startup is using the Fast Hiring Method and the other is using the Efficient Hiring Method. Which startup can win the competition you think? If you pick the Efficient Hiring Method, and you have a right decision about that.

Fast Hiring Method looks simple, you just need to pick whatever talents which ever works in the same field for your vacant position and put them in there,just with a little consideration. Meanwhile, if you use Efficient Hiring Method, you will need to look further for the talents that you will put into your vacant position, like their recent experience, achievements, certifications, and the most important is their attitudes. You also need to calculate your expenses that you will spend on the talents and think how can you maximize their potentials?

Let’s start by looking at the main problems if we use the Fast Hiring Method which results to:

- Expenses

Employees are one of the largest expenses the business will face, and if the startups aren’t careful, their costs can quickly overwhelm the business. If startups suddenly doubling the staff, with little groundwork or revenue to support that increase, their business might not be in a position to survive in the long-term. 

- Poor fits.

Opening the doors to new people and filling roles as quickly as possible can be problematic for your organization. In a rush to fill seats, startups may lower their hiring standards, ultimately ending up with candidates who don’t quite fit — either because they don’t have the requisite training and experience or because they don’t align with the company's culture.

As we discussed above, if you choose to use Efficient Hiring Method, there are several strategies you can use to hire more efficiently, easing the burden on your finances while simultaneously granting you access to candidates who will serve a better fit.

- Inventory your needs.

First, make sure you take the time to truly analyze and inventory your needs. You want your business to expand, but how quickly do you really need to expand, and how many employees do you really need to accomplish this? For example, you might have a vision for a future with 10 locations and a team of 15 employees per location, but could you accomplish the same results, or nearly the same results, with just eight locations? Or with 12 employees per location? What would those extra two locations or three employees per location be doing? The more exacting you are, the more unnecessary expenses you’ll be able to trim away before you even spend them.

- Expand who you’re willing to hire.

Expanding the people you’re willing to consider for a hire can be beneficial as well. A broader potential talent pool means you’ll have access to people from more backgrounds, with more diverse experiences, and possibly, lower costs as well. You might need to consider using Headhunter Service to do the work for you to save time and hiring cost. You can use Kessler Executive Search service for example.

- Take your time with onboarding and training.

You can make sure your hires end up as a better culture fit by spending more time on onboarding and training. Invest in each new candidate, and provide them with all the training, education and resources they need to be successful. It’s a fantastic move for workforce sustainability.

So, there you go about Efficient Hiring Method and how to do that. Be sure to contact us if you have any inquiries, our consultants sure glad to help you.

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How To Expand Hiring in The New Business - Anna Johannson

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