Business Innovation In The Midst of Covid-19 Pandemic

"Headhunter and Recruiter are also innovated, they held a video conference to interview with their candidates!"

Covid-19 pandemic is already messing up with our the world, it is almost made the economic sector crippled. People have been harmed both physically and financially because of the Covid-19 pandemic. This damage is also applies to most company owners, entrepreneurs, and investors. Their income during Covid-19 has been plummeted, and a few of them have had to close down their businesses. In this very uncertain situation, the company owner must really rack their brain to stay afloat. They are also forced to make a number of changes in innovation, at least to survive until the Covid-19 pandemic end. Here are examples of innovations that they have developed themselves:

A.Frozen Food All restaurant outlets and culinary centers were temporarily closed during this pandemic. If the restaurant manager and the culinary business can't make innovations and changes, it is certain they cannot survive. They started innovation by selling frozen and ready-to-eat foods, so customers can still enjoy their food without having to eat on the spot. The advantage of this method for business owners is that they only need to use a few cooks or chefs to start business operation, and they can still save on expenses for that. While the benefits for customers are that they can still enjoy their favorite restaurant menu dishes. Just because they are frozen food so they can be used at any time as long as they do not pass the expiration date.

B. Home Auto Service (Home Services Only) All businesses and public places are closed, and the vehicle repair and service business is no exception. In this case, the industry manager is forced to innovate by doing vehicle services at customer's home. They send technicians and mechanics directly to their customers' homes, of course they also bring their own tools needed. The advantage of the method for the business owner is that the business will continue to run as usual and the benefit from the customer, they don't need to make their way to the auto repair, they just need to wait the technicians come and fix their vehicle.

C. Virtual Music Concert

All places are vulnerable to the spread of Covid-19 Virus, but more importantly in the public places and crowds. This makes owner of entertainment industry have to change the way so that their businesses can still operate, one of them is by arranging and holding virtual music concerts. For example, the digital platform, collaborated with Resso Band to hold a virtual concert featuring Raisa, Ran, and other local musicians in Indonesia. Another example is Global Citizen, which raises funds through a virtual concert, also titled One World: Together at Home, which features the world's top musicians, from Rolling Stone to Billie Eilish. D. Virtual Tourism One of the hardest hit industrial sectors due to the impact of Covid-19 is the hospitality and tourism industry. All tourist destinations are closed and empty because of social distancing implemented by the government. Thus, the role of technological innovation has greatly helped the industry and the tourism sector survive the crisis. As an example of innovation carried out by Vietnam by launching the 360 ​​degrees heritage site feature to see a variety of historic Vietnamese sites virtually. In addition, Faroe Island which is located in Denmark is also working with Forget Drones from Amazon with the launch of a virtual online tour service. The beauty of the island which is now isolated because of the pandemic can be seen in landscape camera-viewing equipped with voice guides. Virtual tour supported by virtual reality technology (VR) will become mainstream in the tourism industry considering that self-distancing will become a new normality. The community will always avoid physical contact and crowds. Digital experience through VR technology will be a promising alternative, Well, actually there are still a lot of innovations developed by business people and owners in their innovation strategies to stay afloat amid the Covid-19 pandemic. Do you want to add? Let's discuss in the comments column!

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