Breaking News! 1.9 Million of Employees Are Laid Off due to Covid-19

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A total of 1.9 million employees in Indonesia are laid off due to the Corona Virus! Since Corona Virus or also officially known as Covid-19 strikes our world a few months back, the negative effects have been nothing but escalating. There are restrictions or social distancing rules like Indonesia’s PSBB, banning travel and tourism, limiting job activities, and of course the worst of all: laying off employees! Many companies all around the world have opted to take an emergency precaution such as applying ‘work from home’ system, so all of the employees can still work and get paid (albeit in a somewhat limited fashion). More companies are also taking another course of action: limiting the company’s crew members to a rotating team schedule. This is all done so everyone can still work and get paid to face the Covid-19 crisis. However, not everyone is so lucky, as many other companies opted to take a drastic measure: laying off employees!

One of such hot topic of breaking news is happening in Indonesia. While there are indeed many companies that apply ‘work from home’ system or at least simply cutting salary, there are also companies that laid off their employees. Despite Indonesia’s Minister of Employment Ida Fauziyah’s suggestion to keep laying off employees as the last resort, the number of victims keeps increasing. Today, a total of 1.9 million employees in Indonesia have been laid off. They are either kicked out of the company or forced to stay at home (without work); we don’t know if that small difference matters. To elaborate, a total of 229,789 employees have been laid off in the formal job sector. Meanwhile, another 1,270,367 employees have been given a non-paid leave and forced to stay at home. That’s a total of 1.5 million employees from about 80,000 companies in Indonesia!

Moving on to the informal job sector, most productive employees are forced to be laid off or get ‘housed’. A total of 443,760 employees from about 30,000 companies are affected, capping the numbers of laid-off employees to 1.9 million lives. This of course, still not counting the family members they are responsible for, which may multiply the total to about 5 or 6 million lives affected. While the Indonesian government has taken a step of the solution in the form of Pre-Work Cards to train and incentivize ex-employees, this is nothing but a temporary cure. Unless the entire ‘work from home’ system is renovated from the ground up or the cure for Covid-19 is found, our economic standing will be on stasis.

And that was our breaking news about 1.9 million employees in Indonesia getting laid off due to the effects of Corona Virus. If you need assistance to look for recruitment, drop your CV and Resume here. Our Headhunter service will help you to find a new career path! Stay at home and be productive with your ‘work from home’ career, guys!


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