About Us..

" Headhunter? What is that? "

Did you ever wonder who are we?

We heard you, so let us introduce ourselves..

We are a Head Hunting Company and we provide a good quality of Headhunter service in Indonesia. In general term, we are a Recruitment Agency and we provide a good quality of recruitment service to our clients. We serve our clients by placing the best candidates for their recruitment needs. We are working in various segments such as FMCG, Chemical, Plantation & Forestry, Pharmaceutical, Loyalty & Customer Product (Retail).

Our goal is to connect top companies with top talents quickly, so the companies can have their super team ready to win the competition; and the talents will have a new opportunity to promote their career.

Taken from the benefits of our large and growing network, our Headhunters could help you to identify and provide the best fit talents from junior to senior level. With valuable market insights and access to a large and growing network, we have the people, technologies and experiences to accompany our clients on their journey from sourcing to onboarding. You can count on our established network. Our Headhunters are specialized in recruitment service and the companies trust us to recruit highly qualified talents for their managerial level.  We are also seeking out and recruiting other specialized positions which are competitive in the job market.

The existence of Kessler Executive Search was inspired by the high demand of recruitment in the industry of 4.0 era. In the recent news of Covid-19 pandemic, many millions of workers and employees are laid off, and we felt that, this is our moment to help and place them in the better workplace and opportunities.

So, if you have any recruitment issues and want to solve them quickly, please be sure to contact us!

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