8 Signs You’re Having Stress at Work and Need a Vacation

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At work, you must know when you need a vacation! Why? Working either as a company’s employee or be a boss in your own entrepreneur company is always a necessity, as you need to earn an income to sustain your daily life. But no matter how much your salary is, eventually, you will get tired at work. You will be having job stress or stress at work, and unable to do your best. You will need to rest at home by eating, drinking and sleeping. Maybe when the time is right, you can take a vacation to relax at an amusement park or a tropical beach. Whichever you choose, taking a break from work is important!

Unfortunately, some people get trapped in their work cycle and unable to take a break for various reasons. Some even unaware that they’re rotting away at their work desk! To make sure this is not you, read our tips and tick below: 8 signs you’re having job stress and need to take a break!

8 Signs You’re Having Stress at Work and Need a Vacation

1. You’re Ignoring Body Needs

Depending on the work environment, your body may get affected by job stress first. The many signs are feeling hungry or thirsty sooner than usual, stomach cramps, small headaches, and so on. These are signs from your body to stop and rest.

But most people ignored it! They will reason ‘after this work is done’, ‘it’s not lunch break yet’ and so on until their body gave in. When you feel the symptoms, take a breather! Even if it’s just 5 minutes of a walk for drinking water, it will help.

2. You’re Mentally Down

When tired at work, people become sensitive and may act weird. If you start to feel angry or panicking for little to no reason, better retire early.

3. Work Feel Meaningless

You can no longer focus at work, feeling it’s all a chore. You start lazing about, finding excuses to put off work as long as possible. Get a proper rest at home later so tomorrow will better.

4. Performance Down

You think you’re not too tired yet, but your performance says otherwise. You keep making small mistakes and look stupid in front of your boss. Take a break and continue your work later!

5. Work and Home Feels the Same

When you’re already working too much, you won’t feel rested even at home. You can’t relax and only think about the next job. This is high-level job stress, which can only be cured by taking a vacation.

6. Sick

The most obvious sign: you suddenly fell ill. Ask for some day off from your boss, so you may recover and spend enough time away at work.

7. Can’t Sleep

Another symptom of job stress is being unable to sleep! At night, your eyes are open wide even if your body feels so broken. Take a week off and go on a vacation!

8. Feeling Lonely

When pressure from the work environment and the like get too much, you will feel lonely. You will feel that you’re working endlessly and unable to rest, without anyone to help.

You can help yourself; save your work pile for the next week or so and rest on a vacation home somewhere. Once you’re back home, you will feel better and the workload you had won’t be so troublesome anymore.

Those are our tips on signs of stress at work! Make sure you’re taking a break to have a proper work-life balance. If you need a headhunter service where you can find a better career path, drop your CV and Resume here so we can help you! Rest at home properly, everyone!


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