7 Steps to Build A Successful CV

Updated: Aug 23, 2018

Not just a Headhunter, most of the employer will received a lot of CV (Curriculumn Vitae). Only the compelling one will attract both Headhunter and Employer to read it and contact you for available Job Vacant.

One thing that Job Seeker should know, Most of the Headhunter and Employer will spend in just a few seconds to scan the CV before mark it with "Yes" or "No". But, don't be afraid, we have compiled top 7 tips to build a successful CV.

1. Keep your CV real

Write your CV with real facts since a good Headhunter and Employer will check whether the Job Seeker are writing the actual facts or not. They will check to your previous Employer to see if all of the achievement and all of the skill set are true. If there are true, the Headhunter or Employer will contact you or at least, keep your CV for future possibilities.

2. Tailor your CV

Usually, we used the same CV and sent it to a lot of employers. Don't do it! Change your CV for each role you apply for. Use your strength point and tell it to the employers as a reason why they should hire you. Different employer with different business will have a different demand on their employees.

3. Include a personal statement

Do not assume a Headhunter will read all of your CV. Instead, use a short personal statement in the beginning of your CV to explain why you are the right person for the job.

4. Don't leave gaps

Sometimes we leave a gaps in our CV and makes Headhunter and Employer suspicious. If you have been out of work, you can put something position on it. Did you take some course, volunteer work or developing some skill? Tell them about it to explain your gap.

5. Record everything

We should keep your CV updated at least 3 times in a year. Keep it updated with the latest training your company invested in you and the your achievement you have accomplished.

6. Do the math

Give Headhunter or Employer the number of achievement in your CV for them to do the math if the number can benefit their organization. This may sound dull but backing up our achievements with number will make the selling process much easier. The number of achievement can be written as "increased sales by 85% in 6 months".

7. Pay attention to keyword

Keyword are very important for a Headhunter to find you CV. A clear job title, industry, experience and skill will help a Headhunter to find everything they need. They will put a keyword such as "Sales Manager, Performance Management, Automotive or Key Performance Indicator" to find the right candidate.

By Kessler Executive Search

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