6 Things You Should Not Do When You Create and Submit Resume to Company

"I actually hired recruiter and headhunter to create my resume.. Ha ha ha ha!"

You are currently confused because there have been so many applications you have sent to the company, but there is no call for an interview at all? Even though you are sure your work experience is in accordance with what you are applying for. You wonder, what are you missing? Try to look back at your resume first, there are many possibilities in your resume, so that HR does not want to call you at all? Well, this is an example of a resume that is not good according to HR assessment because it has a lot of mistakes, don't let your resume be like this: 1. Subjects on E-mail CV Submission Are Not Written Clearly HR usually does not bother to open e-mails with unclear subject or e-mail titles. Especially if the HR has previously determined, the job applicants who want to send a CV must use a certain format such as "Full Name" - "Field of Work You're Interested". If you write a subject with a different e-mail subject to the format instructed by the HR, it is certain that your e-mail will not be read by them, because they consider it's only a spam e-mail that does not need to be opened.

2. Sending a CV to HR with an Funny Name on Your E-mail Address Try to check the e-mail address that you use to send your resume to the HR, does the name in your email address match with your real name? Or do you use another strange and funny name like "The Handsome Paul" or "Cutie Pie Maria"? It looks funny and weird, huh? Yeah ... it really is. This will make HR think you are not serious about applying for work and are less professional. 3. CV File Size Is Too Large Try to check your resume that you sent to the HR. Is the attachment file size too large? HR tends to be reluctant if you are sending file that too large. Use PDF format to send your resume and if it more than one page, it's better to combine them into 1 file, don't separate it. Don't forget to include other documents and gather them in one folder. 4. Font Size and Type Mismatch The type of font used in general for writing of a resume is Times New Roman or Trebuchet, do not use other fonts other than that. The font size can be set at 12 or 14.

5. Many Mistakes or Typo In Your Resume You can check the resume you used to send to the HR, whether the pronunciation is perfect. If you use English, try asking to a friend or someone who is fluent in English, so they can assess whether the vocabulary and grammar you are using is appropriate. 6. Your Profile Photo Look at the photo that you attach to your resume, does it look attractive and neat? HR also saw your appearance in your resume! Use the best photo of you that look neat and wear semi-formal clothes. No need to use a red screen as a background, because it bored the HR and make sure your photo are clear and crisp, also there are no other objects around you. Last but not least, make sure to always smile in the photo, ok? Here are the things you should not do when sending a resume to the HR. If you follow these tips, you are guaranteed to get a call in the near future. Good luck!

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