6 Things The HR Must Consider Before Laying Off Employees

Updated: Apr 24, 2020

Headhunter knows best on what the HR will do.

HR must consider many things before laying off employees! Look, we get it. Companies may have to lay off some employees due to the effects of Corona Virus, which has left the world’s economy in tatters. To keep the workflow of the company going and pay everyone’s salary, some sacrifices must be made. Most companies have opted to take a drastic work style change, like the ‘work from home’ (WFH) system where everyone is working online from their homes. There is also an alternate method to keep a company going: employee shift, in which several teams of employees take turns manning the company in the office, while the rest work online. Of course, sometimes even those are not enough. Your company may need to make cuts. There are many expected changes to be made here and there, like budget cuts, salary cuts, and more. But the hardest cut to be made… is laying off or firing employees!

Yes, one of the worst things a company can do is downsizing, which will make a huge negative impact on the whole business- especially to the ‘special’ chosen employees. But in many cases, the company will go bankrupt if it doesn’t downsize. A hard choice: some lose or everyone loses. Argh!

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We must do what needs to be done, but it’s up to the HR to consider several things before dismissing an employee. Here are some pointers the HR needs to consider!

The Main Goal

You may decide to downsize and lay off employees due to Corona Virus, but is there any static goal? Maybe the company needs restructuring? Maybe a few departments are getting too big? If this is the perfect chance to reach some important goal, do it. But if not, don’t.

What Else to Cut?

Before considering to fire an employee, ask yourself: have you done everything else? Maybe you can cut the budget for group outings? Temporarily switch physical meetings to online meetings? Explore the options you have, as maybe the employee dismissal is not necessary.

Is this a good time?

Maybe the company is still doing a huge project which needs a lot of staff? If so, don’t dismiss them just yet.

Employees Are Not Numbers

When choosing which employees to lay off, it’s not only about the money. See if they’re productive or lazy. See if they’re having a good or bad attitude. It’s not only about the profit they make but their future career in supporting the company.

Remember, this is for The Employees Too

As we said before, dismissing employees is bad, but forcing to keep everyone is much worse. Remember that dismissing employees is not only for the company but for their sake too. If the business went bad and the company can’t pay everyone, we all will suffer!

Make it the Last Resort

Laying off employees is never a good choice to make, so make sure it’s the last option you have before going through with it.

And those were our 6 tips for HR to consider before dismissing employees! Make sure to run a ‘work from home’ (WFH) system properly so your employees can still work and get paid! If you want to search for a new career path, drop your CV and Resume here so our Headhunter service can help you! Stay safe and productive with work at home, guys!


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