5 Types of Good Boss Employees Admire

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

Boss of the Year

Every employee dreams to work under a good boss, where they will be treated fairly, kindly, and with respect. Unfortunately, a case of a bad boss is much more prominent than a good boss. From recruitment to be a member of the work environment, a good employee usually has to endure the harsh treatment of a bad boss and the toxic company he or she created. Forget employee of the month, staying a good employee under such leadership is already an impossible challenge! A good boss is one of the top factors people look for when doing a job search, as they will never have such problems with their workers. While it’s hard to find out about a good boss or a bad boss when turning in a job application, it’ll be a relief to see them being the former.

So, is good boss a dying breed? Not exactly, as there are enough of them for us to compile this list of 5 types of good boss employees admire! Read it below, maybe your current boss is one of them!

1. Kind Boss

A good boss inspires his subordinates to work with kind words, while bad boss forces his employees to work by yelling. Many bosses will treat you harshly, claiming it was ‘tough love’… most of them are lying, trust us. If you care about your co-workers, you will praise them instead of calling names.

2. Fair Boss

One thing that keeps a good employee to be the employee of the month is unfair treatment by a bad boss. If you’re not rewarded based on hard, why bother? A good boss will ensure you and your colleagues will enjoy the same benefits. A good boss will reward you based on merit, not favoritism.

3. Listener Boss

A boss who scolds his employees without listening to their reason is the worst! A good boss, on the other hand, will listen to your troubles. He or she will empathize and help you find a solution; not for fame or performance, but your well-being as a person. A nice incentive to improve employee relations between the two of you!

4. Calm Boss

Let’s say your boss is kind, fair, and also listen to your troubles. He’s a perfect boss… until a problem arises in the company and he EXPLODES! A boss who can’t keep their cool under pressure will only scare the employees and turn the place into a toxic company.

5. Consistent Boss

One of the worst habits of a bad boss is saying “Do as I say, not as I do.” He or she will bark orders but when you do it, they claimed they ordered something different. He or she speaks of a rule, but then break it themselves without penalty. So unfair!

A good boss will always abide by his or her own rules and follow up on them, setting a good example for the employees. They keep promises and create a good work environment!

Those are our list of 5 types of good boss employees admire! Do you have the qualities an HR will look for to please your good boss? Submit your CV and Resume here, so we can help you find a new career with a good boss!


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