5 Tips to Pitch in a Good Quality Candidate

A good Headhunter knows this!

A good candidate is as worthy as gold in Covid-19 pandemic! The Corona Virus hit us very hard for several months now, affecting the economic sector of the whole world in ruins. The deadly illness effect of Covid-19 pandemic has forced the government to enforce new rules, so everyone must stay at home and truly minimize outside travel and contact. The working companies are having a hard time right now and must resort to many drastic measures, including laying off employees! Still, there is hope. Companies have now adopted 2 new job methods: ‘work from home’ (WFH) system and rotating shift system. WFH system is where the company is making its employees working online using a computer or laptop from their homes. Rotating shift splits the employees of a company into several groups, where they take turns in manning the office building. Yet, with all these 2 systems, one problem persists within the Headhunter, Recruiter, and HR division: pitching in a good employee!

It’s hard enough trying to be productive with ‘work at home’ system, but trying to pitch in a good quality candidate is a whole different beast for the Headhunter, Recruiter, and HR. A job search in this Corona Virus period is tough, so the HR must remain vigilant! Here are our top 5 tips on how to scout good quality candidates!

1. Clear Job Criteria

One of the most common mistakes an HR can make is being too general in recruiting. When you’re scouting a candidate for a certain job, be specific with minimum and preferred requirements! Minimum means the things your candidate must have, as not having one gets them disqualified. Preferred is the next deciding factor after they meet the minimum requirements. Make sure it’s well thought out; else you’ll be screening the wrong people.

2. Watch Out for Red Flags

There are some subtle, yet obvious signs that your candidate is not the right one, sometimes from the get-go. Maybe their Resume is generic and not following the rules you have set? Maybe they have strange jumps in the career path for years? Long gaps between one job to the next? We shouldn’t be skeptical, but to be at least wary for a potential miss is a good thing.

3. Prioritize the ‘Best Fit for the Job’ Over ‘Many Talents’

One more common mistake often made by a recruiter in a job search is picking one with multiple talents over one with specialized talent. We shouldn’t waste talents, but remember your goal: to find a person who will fit best with the job.

For example, candidate A has talents in singing, acting, and writing. Candidate B has one talent: acting. You need an actor, so as long as A’s acting talent is not far greater than B, you better choose B. Not because A is bad, but because B is the best fit for an actor. Then, you can find a different role for A, either as a singer or screenwriter. This way, everyone is happy and you get more than you bargained for. This will make you efficient and resourceful!

4. Experimental Interview

Sometimes, an interview with words is not enough. You can conduct a simple test for your candidate, depending on the job position. For a salesman, you can make them try to sell a product to one of the employees, etc. This brings impact and allows you to ensure that only the best candidate passes. This is not always effective though, so don’t overdo it.

5. Working Interview

The same as above, but it’s about working directly for your company! It’s similar to a trial period but only lasts for a few days. Use it sparingly, as it may not work well for some people.

And those were our 5 tips regarding how to pitch in a good quality candidate! Contact Kessler Executive Search with your CV and Resume to find a new career path! Stay productive with ‘work from home’, guys!


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