5 Tips to Apply Work from Home (WFH) System in Your Company

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A company needs a killer ‘work from home’ system! Due to the pandemic Corona Virus which currently ravaging the world and prevent us from going outside, the world’s economy has been in stumbles. People are having a hard time working their usual jobs due to the many Covid-19 restrictions; while they know it’s for their health and safety, they still need a steady income to sustain daily life needs. Most companies and even recruitment firms have executed ‘work from home’ system, but it’s not very effective. There are many reasons, but it was mostly because of a botched system or general unfamiliarity.

Since the condition is very unsupportive, companies or firms need some tips to run their ‘work from home’ system effectively to all employees! Read our tips below to start!

5 Tips to Apply Work from Home (WFH) System in Your Company

Plan Completely

Your company may have its share of ‘work from home’ experience in its long career; perhaps a temporary system for a few sick employees who had to stay at home back then? But this is different. Due to the Corona Virus, you have to create a ‘work from home’ system that operates for a long, long time.

Make a detailed plan for everything, from daily shift schedule, a new deadline system, special rules, and so on. Tell your employees that even with work from home, they need to stay productive. Not only for their salary but also their future career.

Keep Communication Strong

Since everyone has to stay at home, you need a solid communication system. Set one app or program for everyone to communicate with each other in the company, such as WhatsApp, Trello, etc. Avoid any fancy messaging platforms like Facebook or Instagram, since they have a lot of distractions.

Tell each employee to be quick and responsive during the set work hours, but otherwise can rest at home in peace. Constant communication is the key to ‘work from home’ system!

Train Your Managers

To keep track of everyone in the company via online messaging, train your managers. Make sure they know how to operate the system, like knowing if their employees are online or not. Use video calls for important meetings, and maybe create a special rule to suit each division’s needs.

Do a Test Run

Nothing is perfect, so once you set up a ‘work from home’ (WFH) system, test it out first with several employees and managers. Is the communication going smoothly via text or a video call? Can everyone respond as fast as intended? Is sending documents and pictures problematic? Is the time flexible enough or too short? Fix all the problems before applying this new WFH system to the whole company.

Evaluate Constantly

Once the system is online, evaluate everyone’s performance daily. Is the system effective? Maybe some employees cannot adapt due to the time? Or maybe some managers are too lazy to instruct them? Do a constant evaluation and decide whether you need to fix the system or create a new one.

Those are our 5 tips to apply ‘work from home’ (WFH) system for your company. If you need to find a company with a good ‘work from home’ system, our Headhunter service is ready to help! Drop your CV and Resume so we can guide you through the recruitment process and find a new career path! Stay at home and wash your hands, friends!


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