5 Tips on How to Ask for a Raise to Your Boss

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

"So you want a raise, huh...?" *gulp*

Every single employee wants a high salary, so they ask for a raise to their boss. There are many, many reasons why a simple employee would need more amount, but sometimes those are not enough. You need a good reason to ask for a salary raise, especially if you haven’t been in the company long enough. This is why asking for a proper amount of salary during the recruitment process is very important! Specify your preferred salary in the job application, so the HR knows what to expect from the recruitment. Other than saving you the trouble to ask for a raise so soon, it also ensures that your salary will be enough to fulfill your needs at the time.

Whether it’s for your family’s sudden needs (schooling, housewares, etc.) or something private (hobby, vacation, tutoring, etc.), you need to be careful when asking for a salary raise. Even without a bad, moody boss that will reject your plea instantly, many factors can hinder your success. Failing is not only about having the same salary, but also turning the work environment into an awkward place!

Don’t worry, we will help! As a good employee, read these tips to ask for a raise!

5 Tips to Ask for a Raise

1. Why do you need a raise?

Do you need extra cash? For what purpose, exactly? Ask yourself these questions before even thinking to ask for a raise. Perhaps you don’t need it and merely affected by an impulse to buy something. Maybe you do need it, but not right now?

Consider whether you REALLY need the raise or not and whether it’s soon or later. By re-affirming your reasons to ask for a raise in the first place, you will know what to say to your boss.

2. Is this the right time? Is the company doing great?

So you do need a raise after all? Good, but do you have a lot of unfinished work? Is the company going through a crisis? Is your boss angry about something? If the time’s no good, wait.

3. Improve Your Productivity

A good employee is rewarded for hard work. So before asking a raise, you must work harder! Try to work more efficiently or take on more jobs. Your boss will notice and commend you, which will make the perfect opening!

4. Ask for a Reasonable Amount

Now that you’re talking to your boss about the raise, be humble. Ask for a reasonable amount, not too much increase from your previous salary, so your boss will agree to it easier.

5. Don’t Mix Up Unrelated Topic

Maybe the talk is not going so well with your boss, but don’t be emotional! Don’t compare your salary to other employees or other companies, don’t use your extra needs such as your family as leverage, and more. You’re an adult, not a kid.

Those are our tips and tricks to ask for a salary to your boss! If salary raise is not an option, don’t hesitate to do a job search again. Drop your CV and Resume here so we can help you find a new career path with a better salary! Work hard, friends!


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