5 Tips for Overseas Job Search

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

Working at that Japanese company might be good. My Headhunter service says so!

Overseas job is usually very appealing for job search due to its high salary. Yes, more often than not an overseas job has a high salary, higher than most local jobs could ever hope to offer. So, does this mean you need to re-route all of your energy for job search, job application and the recruitment process to only target overseas work? No, no. While an overseas job may have plenty of merits, you need to take careful consideration of its various aspects before sending in a CV. First off which overseas country is it? Is it close by to your country or maybe half a planet away in distance? What about the country’s culture or the overseas company’s work environment? Can you do the job online in the case of an emergency? There are many factors you need to consider in deep detail before doing any overseas work, so it is wise to prepare before sending any job application to the HR.

So before you rush and seek a job overseas, we’d like to share some tips for overseas job search. Read on below and prepare accordingly!

5 Tips for Overseas Job Search

Prepare Funds: Money, Visa, Tools, Etc.

Of course, working overseas means you will need more money! Especially if the country where you will work uses a high rate currency such as US Dollars. No matter how well your recruitment, interview, or any other job application process with HR went, you will need a lot of cash to fulfill your needs.

You may need to rent a temporary apartment before the company finished your job application, which may cost a small fortune for a week-long stay. You may require a new tool to assist you on the job, such as a VR Googles for IT Company, safety equipment for a construction company, and so on in the case the company doesn’t give one for free. Oh, did you forget about the work VISA!? Always prepare extra cash, visa, credit cards, and any other tools you might need there.

Research the Country and the Company

Depending on the country’s culture and the company’s work policy, you may find it unsuitable for your needs or lifestyle. If you think you can’t adapt well enough to the company’s work environment or finding the country’s location troublesome, do another job search.

Check Out Their Websites and Social Media

A good company can be seen in its social media presence. Check out their Facebook page, Instagram account, and even LinkedIn or Twitter posts. If you like what you see, chances are you’re a good fit.

Study and Polish Your Skills

Now that you’ve made up your mind to forge a new career on that overseas job, study for the recruitment! You may need to pick up some new skills or polish the old ones, so don’t be lazy!

Try Your Best, But Don’t Hope Too Much

At the end of the day, an overseas job is something more of a luxury that is hard to get. Even with all the skills and money you have, the chances for success are pretty low. Do your best, but don’t expect too much. This is so you won’t get depressed and can quickly bounce back for another job search.

And those are our tips to find a job overseas! Make sure you’re able to find job satisfaction before applying, ok? Send us your CV and Resume so we can help you find a career path out there! Stay safe at home!


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