5 Ethics HR Must Do When Laying Off Employees

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HR must have morals and ethics in laying off employees! In the current crisis of Corona Virus pandemic, our world’s economy has been grounded to a halt. Each company must adapt in this harsh, limited work condition so everyone can still work and get paid to survive. One method is to adopt a ‘work from home’ (WFH) system where everyone does their job online. Another method would a rotating shift work schedule, where several teams of staff are taking turns manning the office building. Yet another harsh method exists: laying off employees.

There are many reasons to fire employees, and unfortunately being in Covid-19 pandemic times is one of them. Sure, we can’t go outside and work properly due to the effects of Covid-19. Not every company can apply ‘work from home’ system or rotating shift properly, so maybe employee dismissal is the only option. BUT, there are ethics the HR must do before doing it.

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Simply saying “You’re fired,” is an amoral thing to do, so HR must use some ethics when laying off their employees. Read them below!

Prepare Everything

Before talking to the employee, prepare everything required. Complete the dismissal documents, list every object and equipment that must be returned to the company, sign the employee’s final paycheck, and so on. It’s best not to drag out a dismissal process.

Honesty is The Best Policy

Once the time comes, invite the employee for a private talk in a separate room. Tell them straight that they are going to be dismissed, along with the reason for it and other details. Beating around the bush will only hurt them more.

Compassion is Key

No matter what is the circumstance, being laid off is never a good thing. Be kind to the employee, as you know this decision will change their whole life upside down. Even if they’re not a good employee or rub you off the wrong way before, don’t voice any personal disdain. Be a professional HR; try to be polite and understanding no matter what.

Respect Their Efforts

Regardless of the employee’s reputation (good or bad), say that you respect their efforts for working in the company all this time. Mention their past achievements, their good points, and other positive things. Professionals part ways in a positive note.

Offer Support and Solution

Console the employee as best as you can, and encourage them to be even more productive in their next job. You can also offer them a job opening, job assistance or training programs, referrals, etc. Offer to help them by introducing them to potential new companies, or working informal jobs. Just make sure it does not disrupt the current company’s policy.

Those are our 5 tips in ethics for HR when dismissing employees! This way, the dismissed employees will be grateful for your efforts in consoling and helping them find a new career. Remember, there are other dismissal victims so don’t lose to the Corona Virus! Contact our Headhunter service with CV and Resume so we can find a new ‘work at home’ (WFH) career for you!


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