5 Business Love Languages That You Should Speak

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

" Headhunter and Recruiter have their own strategies to speak business language to the talents"

There's a fascinating book called The Five Love Language by Gary Chapman. Chapman says that everyone has a different way of communicating their love, either though Words of Affirmation, Quality Time, Gifts, Acts of Service, and Physical Touch. Everybody speaks a different language that determines how they express and expect love. Let's say that your significant other is expressive and they feels loved when you tell them how you feel. Their primary love language is Words of Affirmation. You, on the other hand, like to spend quality time together to show and feel love. You speak the language of quality time. Can you see how easily miscommunication can occur? You may be speaking love language but your partner is not hearing it. The solution is to learn what language your partner speaks so you can communicate with them well, and finally your messages are delivered.

You might be thinking that, why this article focused on love relationships, instead of business relationships? How does all of this apply? It's the same, although the types of languages spoken are different. We need to learn what languages our business partners speak so we can communicate in the ways that are most valuable to them. This goes back to what their goals are and how you can help fill them.

If you are a business owner, sales executive, or a marketing, your clients, unlike potential business partners, typically come to you for a specific service, so it's easier to understand the value that they are looking for. To speak their language is to provide the best possible quality service. In our works with clients and our business partners, I see the five common languages of love in business as:

A. Getting Refferals

These professionals seek to build their businesses, and they love receiving referrals of their ideal clients.

B. Saving Time

These busy professionals value nothing more than their time. They likely have several interests outside of work, such as family or sports, and their goal is to be as productive and efficient as possible in their work. They love anything that will save them time and will love you if you can help them do that.

C. Connecting People

These people love offering excellent referrals and recommendations to their clients or colleagues. They tend to be well-connected social influencers who appreciate knowing who's the best in their field so they can connect people and resources.

D. Adding Intellectual Value

These professionals always want to learn more. They love learning new and interesting things. They seek to maximize the quality of their work and the services they provide.

E. Learning About Favorite Things

This language is more personal in nature; it's about stuff they love, any personal things that you know they are into like dogs, horses, travelling, etc.

Which languages do you speak? What do you value most right now? Which languages do your referral partners speak? Your goal is to discover which are the strongest for your referral partners and to customize your keep in touch marketing accordingly. Good luck !

Quoted from : Clients, Clients, and More Clients - Create Endless Stream of New Business - Larina Kase, Psy.D.

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