4 Effective Methods to Evaluate Employee’s Performance

Headhunter will see all the positives and negatives of every employee.

You need effective methods to evaluate your employees! Due to the tight competition of modern times, companies need to be more vigilant with how they work their employees. It's not only the employees' abilities and potential but also their average performance as time goes by! That's why many HR today must take great care during any period of employee evaluation each year, no matter what type of company it is. But there is a problem that the Headhunter, Recruiter, and HR have in common: deciding on a method for evaluating employees’ performance!

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You need to use certain methods to evaluate your employees effectively. Here are our 4 recommended methods to do just that!

1. Oriented Evaluation

As a Headhunter, Recruiter, or HR, you must pay attention to their past exploits. Search around their history and accomplishments in the past, so they can be used as materials to evaluate the employee objectively. Sure, the past good and bad deeds shouldn’t be the absolute factors to decide, but they’re worth a look over.

2. Rating Scale

Being productive is one of the most important traits an employee should have, so keeping track of these points by making a table spreadsheet is the most efficient way! List out many aspects of the company and the job position you deem important, then make a rating scale from 1 to 5 or 1 to 10 on the table. This will make it easy to compare one’s employee results to another!

This method is more commonly known as KPI (Key Indicator Performance), which is the most used method by HR. While effective, this method can get too subjective really quickly. Get outside opinions and be as objective as possible to avoid it.

3. Critical Incident

As the name suggests, this method is used to evaluate employees based on their merits during a critical incident. See how well they react for the company’s and their co-workers’ sake in the face of crisis, like a massive dismissal, for example.

Still, this method requires some extremes, such as having the critical incident happen in the first place and putting the employees in a highly stressful situation. Sure, people who can’t endure stress won’t be a good employee, but that doesn’t mean it’s the lone deciding factor.

4. Field Review

This method is simple and sometimes the most effective one: a part of the HR division goes off for direct observation of each employee in the workplace! This method can be effective, but it depends a bit too much on the reviewer’s abilities and personality.

This method can also fall short, as most employees will be either faking it or too stressed to work properly under a watchful eye. Use it wisely!

And that’s all of our 4 methods to evaluate employees effectively! If you need help in job search, contact Kessler Executive search! Send your CV and Resume so we can help you find a new career path! Stay productive guys!


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