10 Tips to Stay Productive with Work from Home

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You can still be productive with work at home! Due to the shocking pandemic of Corona Virus or more scientifically known as Covid-19, the world is currently in a state of turmoil. People are forced to stay at home to avoid the risk of infection with this new disease, which brings a whole slew of different kinds of trouble. Other than the obvious health problems, there are also many problems with jobs and careers. Since we’re not allowed to go outside unless for an emergency, most companies have applied ‘work from home’ policy. Some people are also changing their career path towards online work so they can work from home without risk; whether by manual job search or using a Headhunter service.

Of course, staying at home all day can make you lazy due to a lack of supervision from a boss or manager. We are here to share 10 tips so you can stay productive working from home. Read below!

10 Tips to Stay Productive with Work from Home

1. Prepare a Work Room

You will be spending weeks or even a month with work at home, so make sure you’re set to go. Choose a room where you can work in peace with little to no distractions, arrange your desk and chair, stock up writing tools, etc.

2. Communicate with Your Family

Whether you’re an office worker or field worker before, now you’ll be stuck with work at home. Notify your family of this new condition, so they’ll understand and won’t bother you during work hours. Especially the kids!

3. Set a Schedule

To be productive, you need to set a daily work schedule. Decide the hours in which you work, take a lunch break, and resting. Make sure to set them up in a way that won’t change much anytime soon, so you’ll have no excuse to break the schedule and be less productive.

4. Coordinate House Chores

Work at home also includes house chores, so make sure to coordinate them carefully with your family. Ensure your chores is set when after work hours, so you can stay productive!

5. Stay Clean

Staying at home all day doesn’t mean you can skip taking a bath! Make sure to wash your hands and body cleanly every day, not only to stay healthy due to Corona Virus but also to stay active and productive.

6. Be Professional

Related to the above, work at home or office, you need to remain professional. When texting or e-mail your colleagues for work, use formal language. During a video call, wear formal attire to look presentable to your boss and client.

7. Don’t Be Lazy

Once you’re done with work, rest up but don’t laze about! Don’t go eating snacks while watching TV for the rest of the day; do something else like preparing for tomorrow’s work, reading a self-help book, or improve your skills with hobbies (crafting, crocheting). Be productive!

8. Live Healthily

Staying at home can easily make you fat, so make sure to eat enough fruits and vegetables.

9. Encourage Each Other

This Covid-19 case is truly hindering our daily lives, so be positive! Talk, play, and bond with your family, friends, and colleagues to stay at home and getting through this together.

10. Rest at Home Properly

Once you’re done with work and hobby, take proper rest at home. Don’t stay up late or tire yourself out for no reason.

And those were our 10 tips to work productively at home! If you need recruitment help in this Corona Virus crisis, send your CV and Resume here! We at Kessler Recruitment will be sure to help you find a new career path! Stay at home and improve your work qualities so you will pass the recruitment!


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